Highlands Trailblazers - Biathlon Range

Claire Reyes (Superuser)

Highlands Trailblazers has great news for you. We are about to build the very first Biathlon range in Ontario and we are building it right here at Highlands Nordic. Presently, as you know, our Biathletes must travel even for practice. This is costly (approximately $3 000. per year) and requires the athletes to miss a great deal of school (often a week at a time). Even with these conditions, our Biathletes have done amazingly well. Trailblazer Biathletes have been invited to International Level Competitions, Nationals Team Tours and National Team Programs. Just think what your biathlete could accomplish with a range here at Highlands.

As you know, we have a committed group of biathletes, very supportive parents and a number of volunteers (but could always use more). What we need now though is the financial means to build this range. We are striving to get Phase 1 of the range operational for this winter season, giving our athletes a venue to train, and even compete, in a winter that is looking challenging at best.  To achieve this, we need approximately $45,000.  

We are targeting $15,000 from families, which we hope to match with funds from HTB.  With this in hand, we plan to go to the community to double that value again.  Your contribution is critical to getting the ball rolling!

We are proposing three levels of support.  These contributions are a combination of a tax deductible donation and a prepayment towards future range fees (of course we will happily accept any amount as a pure, tax deductible donation). 

We know that it seems like we are asking for a significant sum of money, but our young athletes need this opportunity to be active team members in a great sport that keeps them challenged, engaged, and out of doors. Our athletes also need the opportunity to excel in and pursue higher competitions if that is their desire. (Picture them in the Olympics!) Your family’s donation will create an important “legacy”, contributing to the first phase of a facility that will serve many generations.


To make a pledge, please contact Iona Tough ([email protected])

Thank you for considering this request and thank you for whatever amount of donation you can give.

The Range Team (Chris, Jan, Steve, Iona, Scott)