March 20 & 21 - Club Championship & Ski Orienteering Event - RACE RESULTS ARE POSTED

Claire Reyes (Superuser)

Race Results are Posted!

5km Classic Ski

10km Skate Ski

Ski Orientation Results and Secret Word Reveal


2021 HTB Club Championships

Open to all HTB members of any age and program

For all the glory! Time yourself as you race around the Yellow and Orange Trails to see how you stack up against our club's best! Be sure to start on your own, and record your own time, as this is a virtual Individual Start format race weekend. Submit your name, gender, year of birth, and finishing time by email to [email protected] by Sunday March 21 at 8pm in order to be included in the Club Results page.

Saturday March 20th: 5km Classic (Yellow Trail)

Sunday March 21st: 10km Skate (Orange Trail)

Start and Finish will be ~50m past the 'Masks On/Off' signs 

Participants are responsible for timing themselves, and selecting their own wax and start time. Trails will continue to be open to the public, so respect for fellow skiers must take priority over shaving a few seconds off your time. Let slower skiers know when you are coming up behind them, and be kind when doing so!

Highlands Trailblazers Ski Orienteering Event 

Open to all HTB members of any age and program

Sign up for the Ski Orienteering March 20/21 event by adding your name on the following Google Sheet:

You may complete the ski-o course any time on March 20 or 21.​​


  • Download & print the course map & the score sheet.
  • Take the map, a copy of the score sheet and a pencil with you on your ski. (You can use your phone to record the corresponding letter to each of the trail/control numbers).
  • Fill in the score sheet with the letter as you find the trail number.
  • Once you have completed the ski, include your total ski time and the secret word in the Google Sheet.


  • Start and finish your ski at the line by the lodge.
  • Ensure you time the duration of your ski.
  • Ski solo or with household member(s). If going as a household, all members must ski together.
  • You may only ski in the direction of the trails-no backtracking! There is one marked shortcut.
  • Other skiers will be on the trails, so please be respectful.
  • Feel free to post your Ski Orienteering adventures on Instagram and tag us at @highlands_trailblazers
  • Have fun!