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HIGHLANDS TRAILBLAZERS is committed to creating safe working and training environments for employees, volunteers and athletes.  This Vaccination Policy provides guidelines on expectations and requirements for those participating in Highlands Trailblazers programs (staff, coaching volunteers, support volunteers and athletes).

Highlands Trailblazers reserves the right to limit or deny participation in programs based on health and safety protocols.  

Vaccination does not eliminate the need for ongoing diligence and use of masking, social distancing and hand sanitizing protocols when appropriate.  Masking will continue to be required indoors (including vehicles), social distancing is to be maintained as far as possible and all program participants are encouraged to continue frequent hand sanitizing protocols. 

Highlands Trailblazers, as a member in good standing of Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO), will follow the public health recommendations and requirements of XCSO.




This policy applies to staff, coaching volunteers, program support volunteers and athletes eligible for COVID 19 vaccine involved in Highlands Trailblazers programs.


All participants in Highlands Trailblazers programming will be asked to confirm their vaccine status. The club expects all participants who are eligible for vaccine (coaches, athletes, supporting volunteers) to be fully vaccinated.  Exceptions may be made for valid medical or religious exemptions.  Participants will be asked to confirm:

  1. Choose not to be vaccinated at this time.
  2. Prefer not to communicate my vaccination status
  3. Fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated and appointment made for 2nd vaccine.
  4. Ineligible for vaccine due to age. 
  5. Unable to be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons.

Those who choose not to be vaccinated at this time, or prefer not to communicate vaccination status (1/ or 2/ above) will not be able to participate in HTB programs at this time.  

Those fully or partially vaccinated or ineligible for vaccine because of age (3/ or 4/above) must show valid documentation as follows:

  1. Receipt for vaccine dosage and in the event of a single dose, confirmation of an appointment for second dose.
  2. In the case of ineligibility, confirmation of age.

Those unable to be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons (5/ above) must show valid documentation as follows:

  1. A letter from a physician who is a member of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons indicating that you are unable to be vaccinated due to medical considerations.  (Reasonable accommodation, eg a testing regimen and documentation of negative tests, will be managed on a case by case basis.)
  2. A request for religious exemption. A decision on appropriate documentation and possible accommodations will be made on a case by case basis.     

Coaches, support volunteers and athletes who are not vaccinated will not be able to travel with other club members to events at this time. 


Information related to an individual’s proof of vaccine or a medical exemption for vaccination will be maintained by Highlands Trailblazers in a confidential file.  This information will only be used to determine participation in HTB programming.  When the information is no longer required for that purpose it will be destroyed.  Retention of these records is part of tracing protocols in the event of an outbreak. 


Please visit the Highlands Nordic website for details about the Winter COVID policies: