Biathlon Bears

Ages: 9 to 13     



Bears is an introductory biathlon program for athletes aged 9 to 13 years.

The program will engage athletes in a fast paced and fun learning environment. Core skills that will be taught include precision shooting in a prone position, skate skiing, and fundamental movement skills of agility, balance, and coordination.

There are no requirements to race although those in the Early Winter session are encouraged to participate in Highlands’ own Snickers Biathlon Air Rifle race.

The Bears program will be offered as a six-week program twice a year - once at the beginning of November and the second at the beginning of January. Training sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Participants may register for one or both sessions. Participants must register in the Track Attack program.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • 1 pair skate skis
  • 1 pair classic training skis for use in all conditions
  • Poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic
  • Combi boots or classic and skate boots



  • Track Attack Fee + $50 Ammunition & Equipment Fee
  • Biathlon Ontario Athlete Membership Required
  • Trail passes - valid only during the weekly sessions - are included in Biathlon Bears fees.
  • If registrants ski at other times, they will need to purchase a season or day pass.