Competition .22
Ages: 15-16 / 17-18 (Biathlon Senior Boy/Girl and Youth Men/Women categories respectively) or by invitation based on candidate’s sport specific speed and technical ability.


This program is year round and intended to enable athletes to compete at provincial, national and international (US) race events. It is designed following Biathlon Canada’s Competitive Stream Long Term Athlete Development Model. Athletes will be programmed between 325 to 575 hrs of physical training over the course of the season, depending on their stage of development. The program will facilitate opportunities for athlete success in individual and team training and in race settings. It will challenge participants to become better athletes and young adults. The program will include personalized monitoring, as required by athlete needs/goals. Athletes will have opportunities to mentor younger athletes in other biathlon programs.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • 2 pair skate race skis
  • 1 pair skate training (“rock”) skis for use in all conditions
  • 1 pair classic (waxable) race skis
  • 1 pair classic (crowns or skins) for use in all conditions 
  • Poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic
  • Classic and skate boots
  • 1pr skate roller-skis (and helmet)
  • 1pr classic roller-skis (and helmet)
  • Appropriate roller ski poles with correct ferrules and grips
  • Ski striding poles (5cm shorter than your suggested classic length)
  • .22 biathlon rifle + PAL (and related rifle equipment)
  •  Lockable ammunition storage container
  • Road-bike (and related safety/maintenance equipment eg: water bottle holder, spare tubes & tools). Note that a mountain bike will be used on occasion, and sufficient notice shall be provided such that one can be borrowed or rented.
  • Quality HR Monitor (downloadable)
  • Water belt or camelback
  • Trail running shoes

Other Costs 

  • Trail pass (not included in program fee)
  • Biathlon Ontario and Biathlon Canada Athlete Membership Required
  • Ammunition
  • Training Camps
  • Travel and accommodation at events,
  • Race entry fees


TEAM TRAINING SEASON: May 2, 2020 to April 30, 2021

Programmed training will take place in team, small group and self-directed sessions. 

Due to the restrictions created by the Covid-19 crisis, training in the early part of the season may have to rely on self-directed sessions and facilitated by group digital communication platforms such as Zoom.

2020 Competition Virtual Training Program (May – August):

  • A 7 day/week training program with workouts and resources for the athletes to complete on their own, within the physical distancing guidelines currently in place
  • Online support from the Head Coach in tailoring the program to each athlete's goals
  • 3 virtual training sessions per week with the team led by the Head Coach (2 strength sessions, 1 content session).  These online sessions are to begin the week of May 4)
  • Access to Head Coach feedback on technique videos taken by athlete (or parents) and shared with the Head Coach
  • All athletes will require a Swiss/Physio Ball in order to complete the strength session.
  • Athletes are expected to attend team training sessions. If sessions are missed, athletes are expected to "make up" with a self-directed session.
  • Self directed training hours comprise a large and essential part of the total training load. It is expected that athletes complete their self-directed training hours.
  • Athletes are expected to report to their coach in advance of missing team training sessions and when self directed training is missed.

Spring & Summer training

  • Biathlon specific multi day camps +- 1 per month
  • Participation in HTB Comp Team Sport General Camps (+-3)
  • 3 days/week regular team training (+- 2 hrs per day)

Fall training

  • Biathlon specific multi day camps +- 1 per month
  • 1 @ after school training sessions per week 
  • Saturday mornings @ Highlands
  • Sunday mornings @ Highlands, afternoons at Collingwood Rod and Gun Club

Winter training (when not racing):

  • 1 @ after school trainings per week 
  • Saturday mornings @ Highlands
  • Sunday mornings @ Highlands, afternoons at Collingwood Rod and Gun Club

Race events typically include:

  • Summer - North American Championships roller ski biathlon week long camp, Jericho, VT
  • Late fall - Biathlon Ontario on snow Training & Race Camp, Canmore, Alberta
  • Winter -Quebec Cup Biathlon Race Events
  • Winter - Noram Cup Biathlon Races
  • Winter - SOD and O'Cup Nordic Races
  • Winter – Ontario .22 Championships
  • Late winter - Canadian National Biathlon Championships

Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

  • $1850 + $100 Equipment fee, minus the fees paid for May to August, payable in one payment in the Fall or in monthly instalments until March 2021.  Once there is more certainty about the season, the amount and payment schedule will be confirmed.             
  • Initial registration is due by May 9
  • $50 per month for May to August – first payment due upon registration