Racing Bears
Ages 12-14


The Racing Bears program is for athletes 12-14 years old who have biathlon experience. Athletes in this program wish to continue building basic biathlon skills and develop biathlon racing skills. 

The Racing Bears program is another step in the journey to becoming a biathlete. Athletes in this program are challenged with learning how to use a prone cuff that replaces the rifle block used by younger biathletes. 

Athletes will also be introduced to more biathlon racing skills as they participate in local and regional biathlon races. Athletes may also attend SOD races (schedules permitting). 

Note: Biathlon is a sport of both precision shooting and cross-country skate skiing. At this stage of development (Train to Train), there is still a strong emphasis on skiing. It is a requirement that in order to participate in HTB Biathlon Air Rifle programs, athletes must be enrolled in Junior Devo Cross Country Ski program. 

Completion of Jackrabbit levels or LEAD coach's assessment is required for participation, based on skill (beginning of weight shift, balance on skis, good offset, beginning of 1 and 2 skate) and physical capacity development (can “keep up” with group or desire to improve and be part of the team and displays a positive attitude in line with T.E.A.M. values).). If athletes have not completed Jackrabbit programs, they will automatically be placed in a pre-Track Attack group until skills are adequate to take part in the full program. This will take place within the Jr Devo practices.


Race Schedule

Races for biathletes combine all the skills of precision shooting and skate skiing. At this development level, coaches will provide a schedule of both mandatory and optional local and regional races. Race schedule includes Snickers (hosted by HTB), Chelsea Q-cup (Ottawa), and Ontario Air Rifle Championships (location TBD). Athletes may also participate in SOD Paraffin series Nordic races, schedule permitting.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • Air Arms S400 .177 pellet air rifle, (owned or leased) 
  • Access to appropriate skate skis and poles (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis 
  • Skate boots


  • Time (Mandatory) - Saturdays 12:45 pm To 2:45 pm
  • Time (Optional) Sundays 12:45 pm To 2:45 pm
  • Starts: September 11,2021
  • Ends: First Saturday of March break 2022

Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

  • Racing Bear program fees are included in the Junior Development fees of $800.00* (Price increases by $25 on July 17).
    • There is NOT a separate fee for the Racing Bears program
  • $85 Range Fee 
  • $125 lease fee for Air Arms S400 .177 pellet air rifle
  • Biathletes must first register with Biathlon Canada on Zone4 before registering with Highlands Trailblazers biathlon program. To do so, please go to the Biathlon Canada Registration link via Zone4 in May and maintain your receipt as you will need the invoice number to register for Highlands Trailblazers.
  • *Registrants in the HTB competition teams (Nordic & biathlon) and Junior Development must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.
  • Training camps
  • Travel and accommodation to events
  • Race entry fees
  • Coaching & Waxing fees for large events as cost recovery