Biathlon Racing Development Program

Racing Development Program Air-Rifle – Level 6 (Ages 12 -14) 

The Level 6 Air-Rifle Program is for athletes 12-14 years old who have completed the Bears program. Athletes in this program wish to continue building both their precision shooting and Biathlon racing skills. 

The Program will work with athletes to refine their prone precision shooting skills with an air rifle and expand the scope of their racing skills with increased participation at local and regional Biathlon races. Athletes will be expected to train 7 months/year starting in September.

It is expected that exiting this program, Level 6 Biathlete athletes will be well trained in the fundamentals of precision shooting and biathlon racing. The next step for athletes is to join Level 7 or 8 .22 Racing Development team.

Biathlon is a sport of both precision shooting and cross-country skate skiing. At this age group (Train to Train), there is still a strong emphasis on skiing. It is a requirement that in order to participate in the Biathlon Development Program, athletes will also be enrolled in Race Development Cross Crountry Skiing Level 6 (included in price).


$800 - payable in full at registration or in two instalments of $412.50 each (at registration and on Decmeber 1st)

Range and Supply Fee – $85

Rifle Rental - S400: $125 (or may provide their own rifle)


Racing Development Ski Program

Race Schedule

At this development level, coaches will provide a schedule of both mandatory and optional local and regional races, such as Ontario Championships, Quebec Cup, and local races.  Athletes should also participate in SOD Paraffin series Cross Country races, schedule permitting.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • Air Arms S400 .177 pellet air rifle, (owned or leased from HTB) 
  • Access to appropriate skate skis and poles (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis 
  • Skate boots


  • Time – Saturdays 12:45 pm To 2:45 pm
  • Starts: September 10, 2022
  • Ends: First Saturday of March break 2023

Other Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

  • If you are registering for ANY BIATHLON PROGRAM, please register with Biathlon Ontario / Biathlon Canada BEFORE continuing with registration (
  • *Registrants in the HTB Racing Development Programs (Cross Country & Biathlon) and Level 6 must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.
  • Training camps
  • Travel and accommodation to events
  • Race entry fees
  • Coaching & Waxing fees for large events as cost recovery

Racing Development Program .22 – Level 7 (Ages 14 -18) 

Level 7 is intended for athletes with a desire to train 11 months a year on a yearly training plan set in consultation with the lead coach. Athletes will be required to attend 3 of the monthly training camps from May to August.  They will be required to ski two Provincial level Biathlon races and have a desire to compete at some regional Cross Country Races. Athletes must have their Jr Possession and Acquisition license; it is also recommended that parents have their PAL also for transportation purposes.


Recommendation from the Level 6 Lead Coach


Level 7 is a year-round program which runs from May 1 to March 31. The training season (May to November) focuses on fundamental shooting skills, physical conditioning, team building, and mental skills. Sport specificity will increase as the year progresses. Athlete development is focused on a path towards provincial level competition and higher.


  • Regular practices + Weekend Camps will take place at Highlands Nordic, or within a ~45-minute radius
  • Potentially 2 ‘Away’ Training Camps during the training season
  • Priority races: Q’Cup & O’Cup Biathlon racing circuit 
  • Other races depending upon scheduling and athlete commitment level:
  • Local/Regional XC races
  • National Championships 

Dryland Equipment Requirements

  • .22 Rifle (Owned or Rented)
  • Skate rollerskis (Classic recommended but not required)
  • Skate and Classic rollerski poles with rollerski tips
  • Helmet
  • Skate and Classic rollerski boots
  • Reflective vest or bright colored tops for roadside training
  • Drink Belt
  • Stopwatch
  • Ski walking/striding poles (classic length or 5cm shorter)
  • Trail Running shoes
  • Mountain bike
  • Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap (optional but recommended for athlete development)
  • Wrist based monitors are not accurate enough for our purposes

Winter Equipment Requirements

  • HTB Warm up Jacket and Race Suit
  • .22 Rifle (Owned or Rented)
  • >/= 1 pair of skate race skis*
  • 1 pair of Skate training skis
  • 1 pair of skate or classic rock skis
  • >/= 1 pair of Classic race skis*
  • 1 pair of Classic training skis
  • Skate length poles (upper lip height)
  • Classic length poles (shoulder height)
  • Skate boots
  • Classic boots
  • Drink belt for fluids, snacks, and grip wax
  • Heartrate Monitor with stopwatch 
  • Basic wax kit (including a scraper, groove scraper, and nylon brush for glide + a cork and training waxes (3+ hard waxes covering 0 to -15 degrees C) for grip)

* Head Coach can help with guidance in building a race ski fleet when necessary


$1400 payable in full at registration OR in two instalments of $712.50 (at registration and December 1 OR 11 monthly instalments of $127.25 starting at registration)

Range and Supply Fee’s – $250

Other Fees


Racing Development Level 6 + PAL

Racing Development Program .22 – Level 8 (Ages 14 -18) 

Athlete Interested in Training 11 months a year on a Yearly Training Plan and Competing at Inter-Provincial & Aspiring to achieve personal excellence at National Level. Incorporate with appropriate cross country ski level, based upon ski skills. Requires PAL.

Level 8 is an extension of level 7. The main difference is level 8 athletes have a desire to excel at nationals.

Athletes in the level 8 program will:

  • Attend the 4 summer training camps and any fall and on snow camps provided
  • Maintain a training log/journal, either virtual or hard copy
  • Have age-appropriate level of specialization either Cross Country skiing or Biathlon
  • Communicate with the Lead Coach (this is the athlete’s responsibility)
  • have more direct involvement with the Lead Coach than those in Level 7
  • Have appropriate level of technical support at Nationals as well as other races

Training, team rules and equipment requirements are the same as level 7. 


$1900 payable in full at registration OR in two instalments of $962.50 at registration & December 1 OR 11 monthly instalments of $175 starting at registration.

Range and Supply Fee’s – $250

Other Fees


Racing Development Level 7/8 + PAL