To reflect the realities of our training environment, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we are instituting a 4 month virtual training module for three competition programs:  Biathlon .22, Cross Country (aka Nordic) and Air Rifle (age 14/15).  Stay tuned for updates on all other programs. Athletes in these 3 programs need to register by May 9th (on Team Unify).  No communication from the coach will begin until the athlete has registered and provided the athlete code of conduct.  Information on this will be included in the registration file on Team Unify.



The Jackrabbit Program is designed for the “FUNdamentals” stage of development (children 4-9 years of age) and, as such, it has been designed to encourage FUN and participation. (program details)


​Track Attack focuses on 'Learning to Train'. This program is the beginning of 'Learning to Train' for our developing athletes. TRACK ATTACK is for young skiers whose goal is to refine their classic and skate technique in a fun environment as part of a team.

A wide variety of skiing activities will be used to develop Nordic skiing knowledge and skills. Participation in local ski events is encouraged but not required.

Skiing experience is required for this program. Completion of Jackrabbit levels or LEAD coach's assessment is required for participation, based on skill and capacity development. (program details)


​This competitive group was developed for athletes interested in training, attending local races and participating in the Ontario Youth Championships (13 years old and younger).

The athletes are introduced to training and racing technique, developing physical strength, balance and flexibility to support their technique and educational sport components such as self-responsibility, nutrition, equipment maintenance (waxing) and goal setting. Jr DEVO provides an immersive “Learning to Train’ experience.

Participation in the fall Saturday dry land training is required for these athletes, and is included in the registration cost. Completion of Jackrabbit levels or lead coach's assessment is required for participation, based on skill and capacity development. (program details)


​This is a year round program to help develop athletes to compete both provincially and nationally. 

The program will allow for both team and individual goal focus to create the opportunity for every athlete to achieve personal success. This program will challenge athletes to become better both as young adults, but also as they evolve into 24hr athletes with the focus on being their best. It can include personalized monitoring and will also require athletes to mentor others as a way of gaining confidence and skills as they develop a greater athletic capacity. (program details)


​Please contact Kelly Sinclair at Highlands Nordic at 705-444-5017  


​The Highlands Trailblazers is offering a program for adult skiers to get out and ski together, get some technique tips, train for events, socialize and enjoy winter. There will be a group for everyone...from parents looking to get out while their kids are in one of the ski programs, to those who are training for a specific event. Along with the on-snow session, several Lunch & Learn Clinics are also included as part of the program. (program details)


​This program will be designed for 11-14 years who have completed the Jackrabbit program, still want to continue to improve both their classic and skating skills, but do not want to race. Rather than focus on speed and racing, this course will focus more on distance, endurance, winter camping skills, and be an introduction to becoming a cross country ski coach. 

The objective is to keep children involved in cross country skiing, introduce them to the possibility of coaching and/or participating in ski marathons or Loppets such as the Canadian Ski Marathon. Children will be expected to have completed Jackrabbit Level 4 (Muskox) and have the physical fitness to ski 15 km in 2 hours. (program details)


Trail passes - valid only during the weekly sessions - are included in Jackrabbit, Bunnies, Chipmunks, Track Attack and Biathlon Bears fees. If registrants ski at other times, they will need a season or day pass.


Please review the details of the service hours program for parents and athletes.