Competition Cross Country

Ages: U18 (16/17) & U16 (14/15) or by invitation based on sport specific speed ability deliver training



This is a year-round program to help develop athletes to compete both provincially and nationally. The program will allow for both team and individual goal focus to create the opportunity for every athlete to achieve personal success. This program will challenge athletes to become better, both as young adults, and as they evolve into 24hr athletes with the focus on being their best. It can include personalized monitoring and will also require athletes to mentor others as a way of gaining confidence and skills as they develop a greater athletic capacity.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • 2 pair race skate (SOC’s) 1 pair race skate (JOC’s)
  • 1 pair race classic and 2 pairs for athletes attending Nationals
  • Poles with lengths as suggested by the coach for skate and classic
  • Training skis for use in all conditions
  • Skate and classic boots
  • 1 pair skate roller skis
  • 1 pair classic roller skis
  • Appropriate roller ski poles with correct ferrules and grips
  • Ski striding poles (5cm shorter than your suggested classic length)

Athlete Program Requirements

  • Participation in coaching education opportunities
  • Maintain a training journal & a detailed notebook of all coaching lectures
  • Have a good HR Monitor
  • Maintain contact with the coach when recovering from illness or injury.
  • Maintain a minimum 50% average on all exams referencing coaching lectures and material

Training Season & Schedule

Due to Covid-19 physical distancing requirements, these camps will not be held.  Instead, training will be done through electronic communications.  Further information will be shared with registered athletes.

2020 Competition Virtual Training Program (May – August)

  • A 7 day/week training program with workouts and resources for the athletes to complete on their own, within the physical distancing guidelines currently in place
  • Online support from the Head Coach in tailoring the program to each athlete's goals
  • 3 virtual training sessions per week with the team led by the Head Coach (2 strength sessions, 1 content session).  These online sessions are to begin the week of May 4)
  • Access to Head Coach feedback on technique videos taken by athlete (or parents) and shared with the Head Coach
  • All athletes will require a Swiss/Physio Ball in order to complete the strength session.

Race Events

  • SOD paraffin racing
  • Ontario OCup events
  • Noram events
  • Local Loppets

Goal events

Each athlete will work to their goals for establishing key events

HTB COMP goal events for this year are:

  • World Junior Trials
  • Eastern Canadian Championships
  • Cross Country Ski Nationals & US Super Tour Finals
  • BiCan Nationals - For qualified athletes

Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

  • $1850 minus the fees paid for May to August, payable in one payment in the Fall or in monthly instalments until March 2021.  Once there is more certainty about the season, the amount and payment schedule will be confirmed.             
  • Initial registration is due by May 9
  • $50 per month for May to August – first payment due upon registration
  • Highlands Nordic Season Pass - 30% discounts in effect until April 30        
  • Training camps
  • Travel and accommodation at events
  • Race entry fees
  • Waxing fees for large events as cost recovery