Youth Recreational Program (formally Regional Team)


The Youth Recreational Program (YRP) of Highlands Trailblazers is a non-competitive Cross Country Ski program for athletes aged 13 - 18.

  • Skiers who have been in the Jackrabbit program but are not interested in a competitive race program;
  • Skiers who would like to continue to develop their skiing of both classic and skate technique; 
  • Skiers who may not have other program options, such as a high school program;
  • Young athletes who are looking to improve their fitness through Cross Country skiing.


  • First Saturday of skiable snow (typically late Nov.) to first Saturday of March Break.
  • Saturdays. 10:00-12:00

Skill Development

The Youth Recreational Program will continue to build skills developed from previous ski programs. The YRP will also work with athletes who are new to Cross Country skiing on their skill development.

Skills to be introduced and enhanced

  • Fitness as that will support Cross Country Skiing and be a continued for life
  • Technique as it applies to everyday skiing skills
  • Ski specific fitness
  • Ski technique
  • Ski waxing techniques for both glide and grip

Skill benchmarks

Classic Technique

  • Weight transfer in diagonal stride
  • Arm angle in double polling
  • Engaging wax/grip pocket in uphill technique

Skate Technique

  • Rhythm during Offset
  • Uphill glide
  • Arm angle in double polling
  • Weight transfer in skat techniques
  • Shin angle in skate techniques


  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Cardiovascular threshold

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • Watch with stopwatch function
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Access to appropriate skate and Classic skis (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis (Crown & Skate)
  • Skate and classic poles (length suggested by coach)
  • Combi boots or classic and skate boots
  • Dryland ski poles 
  • Blue glide wax


$300.00** ($475 after Oct 23)
Not included are: Trail passes outside program time