Track Attack     
Ages 9-13


Track Attack focuses on 'Learning to Train'. This program is the beginning of 'Learning to Train' for our developing athletes (see Nordiq Canada web site). TRACK ATTACK is for young skiers whose goal is to refine their classic and skate technique in a fun environment as part of a team.

A wide variety of skiing activities will be used to develop Cross Country Skiing knowledge and skills. While racing is not required to be involved in Track Attack, entering at least 2 local events is highly encouraged as it gives many benefits not afforded in a strictly recreational program.

Completion of Jackrabbit levels or LEAD coach's assessment is required for participation, based on skill (beginning of weight shift, balance on skis, good offset, beginning of 1 and 2 skate) and physical capacity development (can “keep up” with group or desire to improve and be part of the team). If athletes have not completed Jackrabbit programs, they will automatically be placed in a pre-Track Attack group until skills are adequate to take part in the full program. This will take place within the Track Attack practices.


Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • Watch with stopwatch function
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Access to appropriate skate and Classic skis (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis (Crown & Skate)
  • Skate and classic poles (length suggested by coach)
  • Combi boots
  • Dryland/striding ski poles to be purchased. Typically 5-10 cm shorter than classic poles.
  • Blue glide wax
  • Athlete Season Goals


  • Time: Sat 9:59am To 12pm
  • Starts: October 24
  • Ends: First Saturday Of March Break

Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

$450.00** ($475 after Oct 23)
**There will be a one-day Holiday Camp during Christmas Break. (Date TBD)

  • Trail passes - valid only during the weekly sessions - are included in Track Attack fees.
  • Training camps
  • Travel and accommodation to events
  • Race entry fees
  • Coaching & Waxing fees for large events as cost recovery


Children at this level should be involved in other activities as well as skiing so they can develop as competent athletes. By the end of the Track Attack program, they should be physically literate (possess both fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills). See Canadian Sport for Life/Long Term Athlete Development for details and reference material.