Winter Adventure

Ages: 11-14


This program is designed for skiers 11-14 years who have ideally completed the Jackrabbit program and would like to continue to have fun in the winter.  This will include classic skiing, snowshoeing and some skate skiing, depending upon the makeup of the group. The objective is to keep children involved in cross country skiing, build an appreciation of nature in the winter, create a sense of adventure and introduce them to the possibility of volunteering in the Jackrabbit program.

Athletes will be expected to have completed Jackrabbit Level 4 (Muskox) and have the physical fitness to ski 15 km in 2 hours.

Athlete Equipment Requirements

  • Gloves
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Access to appropriate skate and Classic skis (owned or leased)
  • Access to early season rock skis (Crown & Skate)
  • Skate and classic poles (length suggested by coach)
  • Combi boots


  • Saturdays 10AM to 12PM
  • Starts: Jan 2
  • Ends: Feb 27

Fees (Please review Athlete Equipment Requirements)

$220.00* ($225 after Nov 17)

  • Trail passes - daily or season pass purchase from Highlands Nordic