• Provide opportunity for athletes to develop and be true to their goals
  • Be an active part of the ski and biathlon sport communities at the local level
  • Provide quality mentorship to all levels of the HTB ski and biathlon programs


  • Be a positive influence to the program
  • Be honest with your efforts and generous with your spirit
  • Respect your teammates and their time


  • Guide the athletes, involve the parents, and mentor new prospective coaches
  • Develop skills and talents necessary to graduate athletes to further levels of personal success
  • Allow appropriate challenges to generate individual growth


Please review all guidelines:


The word biathlon is from the Greek word meaning "two tests". The sport of biathlon combines the endurance, speed and skill of cross-country skiing with the concentration of precision rifle shooting, confronting athletes with a very demanding overall physical and mental challenge. This exciting combination of endurance and focus is precisely what makes this sport so fun and rewarding.

Our full-spectrum of biathlon programs follow the Long-Term Athlete Development principles developed by Sport Canada.

  • Our Jackrabbits and Track Attack programs include introductory biathlon activities to introduce children aged 9-12 to the fundamentals of biathlon
  • Biathlon Bears is an add-on program for children aged 9-12 that wish pursue the sport further including attending local races
  • The Saturdaisies program is a stepping stone for young biathletes (aged 10-13 years) that are interested in training and ready to compete in local and club races.
  • Our Competition Air Rifle program provides advanced skiing and precision shooting skills using compressed-air cylinder rifles for those teen-aged athletes interested in elevating their competition level to the provincial “O-Cup circuit” level.
  • In the Competitive .22 program, teen-aged athletes will learn to refine their existing shooting skills with .22-caliber rifles while consolidating the speed and strength development of their ski techniques to compete at the provincial and IBU levels and/or earn their way onto Team Ontario.

Athletes participating in Biathlon programs must be registered members of Biathlon Ontario for insurance purposes. An additional equipment fee for rifles and ammunition is charged for Biathlon athletes.


Our Nordic programs follow the Long-Term Athlete Development principles developed by Sport Canada.

  • Our Jackrabbits program is designed for the “FUNdamentals” stage of development (children 6-9 years of age) and as such it has been designed to encourage FUN and participation.
  • The Track Attack programs introduce children aged 9 to 12 to the fundamentals of skiing and is the beginning of 'Learning to Train' for our developing athletes.
  • Our Junior (Jr) Devo program introduces athletes aged 10 to 13 to training and racing technique, developing physical strength, balance and flexibility to support their technique and educational sport components such as self-responsibility, nutrition, equipment maintenance (waxing) and goal setting. Jr DEVO provides an immersive “Learning to Train’ experience.
  • In the Competition (COMP) program, athletes aged 14-17 years old follow the “Learning to Compete” and “Training to Compete” LTAD levels. They need to have a thorough understanding of training and racing principles with experience at the O-Cup or equivalent competitive level as a minimum requirement.