Would you like to give something back to the sport you love? Here are three ways:

1. Help with Fundraising & Racing Events

We are always in need of an extra set of hands at our many fundraising events. Whether it is in the kitchen or on the trails we welcome your help with:

  • Supporting Racing Team trips to training camps and races
  • Assisting the Racing Committee with events hosted at Highlands Nordic
  • Special events the Club supports in return for a financial donation or concession revenues
2. Help as a volunteer coach

Highlands Trailblazers will cover costs for your Community Coaching Course, and provide a FREE Highlands Nordic seasons pass. Contact us at [email protected] about volunteer coaching opportunities exist:

  • With our Jackrabbit Programs! We are always looking for qualified coaches and willing assistants. If you are not comfortable being out on the snow we can use your help preparing and setting out snacks for our hungry young athletes when they are finished their lessons!
  • With our Racing Programs! We are always looking for qualified coaches, guest speakers, and anyone else who has a skill they can share with our athletes!
  • With our Paranordic Programs! We are seeking people to guide visually impaired skiers. We will provide the training.
3. Make a Donation

Would you like to make a donation to Highlands Trailblazers?

To receive a Tax Receipt, please fill out the Cross Country Canada Donation Form.

Who do I contact to volunteer?

To register as a volunteer for our Club, please emai Karen Cheek via our Contact Us Page

How to sign up for a job on Team Unify

  1. Sign in to your team's website.
  2. Go to your Events page.
  3. Next to the desired event, click the Job Signup button.
  4. Next to the job you want, check the box(es) by the day/time slot(s) you commit to working.
  5. Click the Signup button.
  6. In the Optional Contact Info field, you can fill in your phone number, or the contact information of someone else if they will work the job instead.
  7. Click Sign Up to finish.