Why SKWIM™??
By Kevin McCarthy (contact Coach Kevin in the USA at 425-802-2167)
A)     SKWIM™ is the first interactive team sport for both the occasional and regular swimmer!
B)     “Lets go to the pool and have a “pick-up game”.   U.S. and global aquatic enthusiasts deserve an interactive and social team sport that reaches a broader populous; for all ages and abilities. Roughly 150 million Americans; 50% of the population can swim. Approx. 52 million (18%) swims at least once a year (NSGA 2007), second only to walking. But less than 1% swim regularly or seasonally.
C)     SKWIM™ can help save lives in many ways! According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control 2006) 50 people a day in the U.S. are hospitalized due to a near drowning or drowning incident. Of these 50, 10 do not survive the incident, and another 20 are disabled, either physically, psychologically, or emotionally. SKWIM is possibly the most engaging, entertaining, and gratifying way to becoming Water-Safe, Water-Smart, and Water-Strong.
D)     SKWIM™ appeals to both youth and adult!   Both demographics and history show that people prefer to “interact” in a sporting event. Of the top U.S. youth sports,  the majority of participants are involved in interactive team sports, vs. individualized sporting events. The top 3 being soccer, baseball, and basketball.
E)      SKWIM™ is more about team skills! It requires a composite of many skills, and not just swimming speed, or strength.     SKWIM™   is more about technique and less about power; more about imagination, and less about determination. More like soccer and basketball, and less like track or football.
F)      SKWIM™ is about playing time! Swim Racing requires large amounts of water-time to shave small milliseconds off a racer’s time. Racers often spend 10-20 hours a week and more in the water. This can be hard on the shoulders, skin and pocket book.     SKWIM™   requires less overall water time for practice, using more for actual “game-time”.
Well, if you have come this far into our website, you are possibly seeking the same thing millions of people are. That is, an alternative to swimming laps for fitness. Swimming is the greatest! But one can only swim so many laps before needing a change for a few months. 
Recent studies, sponsored by USA Swimming, show that only about 50% of children ages 6-15 can swim. Other studies indicate that only 30% of the U.S. population can swim 100 yards (300 feet). 
Swimming like many activities involves a series of complex motor skills which when practiced over and over, become more and more effective, thus increasing both performance and confidence. Bottom line, kids need to be in the water regularly, in a structured swim class, in order to improve beyond “beginning swimming”. As with most other activities and sports, improvement comes with consistent “practice” while under a teacher’s positive instruction. Among professionals, a common number discussed is minimum 3 times a week, in order to see results in fitness, training, and efficiency of movement. SKWIM™ is a water sport that will keep you “engaged”.
More thoughts to come!


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3) SKWIM™ is a highly energetic & entertaining team water-disk sport for all ages and all swimming abilities.

4) SKWIM™ requires little previous swim experieince to start playing in shallow waterpools provided a  life guard is on  duty.

 What Is SKWIM™

 SKWIM™ is a, fun, fast-paced surface water-disk sport. It is easy to learn and a ton of fun to play. People of all ages and swimming ability can get in the water, grab a disk and have a blast.

What’s the equipment used?

The game is played with a soft foam disk that skims across the surface of the water. Team members, swimming with special fins, pass the disk to one another and score by skimming the disk into the center trap of their opponent’s floating goal. The goal is circular and allows players to score from 360°.

Does the pool need to be a certain size or depth?

SKWIM™ is suitable for most pools and swim-safe open water. It’s easy to get SKWIM™ started in your area because the lagoon (The rectanglular playing area separeted into 3 parts marked by red and white boundaries) can be as small as 3 lanes wide and 25 yards long. 

Do I have to tread water the entire time?

SKWIM™ can be played in varying depths of water, allowing players of all swimming abilities to get involved or touch when they get tired. Players are encouraged to wear SKWIM™ fins. These fins are comfortable and allow players to swim for a longer duration of time without getting as tired.  If you enjoy being in the water, then there is a place on a SKWIM™ team for you!

How can I get involved?

Send us an email with your interest, or questions and we will get right back to you!  We also invite you to check the schedule of open SKWIM™ times in your area and encourage you to become a member of SKWIM™ International. This will more easily allow us to help you find or bring SKWIM™ to a pool, lake, or lagoon near you! Members of SKWIM™ International also get discounts on official SKWIM™ equipment and merchandise.