SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3), founded in May 2009 by Board Chairman and President, Kevin McCarthy, of Sammamish, WA, promotes water safety and serves as the governing body for the aquatics water-disk game, SKWIM™.  

SKWIM USA has an Executive Director, Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh, PA. Coach Mark, also a SKWIM USA Board member, has been growing SKWIM with swimmers, players, students, coaches, lifeguards, aquatic directors, recreation supervisors and physical education teachers. Rauterkus brings more than 40 years of aquatic coaching and leadership experience to SKWIM, an engaging, community, water-sports game. The SKWIM USA efforts include the management of the official rules, regulations, game safety, individual players safety, International SKWIM Certification administration, and to help popularize the game in North America.

SKWIM USA's sibling organization for global outreach and advocacy is SKWIM International, operated by the game's inventor, Kevin McCarthy. Contact Kevin at 425-802-2167; email [email protected].

Join SKWIM™ USA today and get regular updates on SKWIM™ lessons, teams, leagues, coaching, officiating, and Open-SKWIM™ times at your local pool.  Sign ups for Spring 2018 SKWIM™ Teams are coming soon.  Call your local pool and request SKWIM™. 

For more information about SKWIM play, coaching or officiating the game, please contact Coach Mark Rauterkus at 412-298-3432, [email protected].  Coaches wishing to learn more and teach this fast and fun sport are welcome to join. Please read the "coaching sections" included in the SKWIM™ Quick-Start Guide by clicking on the gold button on the home page, along with the "Life Ring" button also found on the home page.  Contact us if you know of a local pool near you interested in playing SKWIM!