What Is SKWIM™?

SKWIM™ is a brand new, fun, fast-paced surface water-disk sport that is easy to learn and play. People of all ages and swimming ability can get in the water, pick up the rules and have a blast.

What do you play with?

The game is played with a soft foam disk that skims across the surface of the water. Team members, swimming with special fins, pass the disk to one another and can score by skimming the disk into the center trap of their opponent’s floating goal. The goal is circular and allows players to score from 360°.

Does the pool need to be a certain size or depth?

SKWIM™ is suitable for most swim-safe pools, lakes, and other types of calm open water.  It’s easy to get SKWIM™ started in your area. We’ve found that a 25 meter pool is a suitable size for recreational games, but SKWIM™ can be played in an Olympic sized pool as well.

Do I have to tread water the entire time?

Unlike other team water sports, SKWIM™ can be played in varying depths of water, allowing players of different swimming abilities to participate. Players are encouraged to wear SKWIM™ fins. SKWIM™ fins are easy to get used to and will allow players to swim for a longer duration of time. If you enjoy being in the water, then there is a place on a SKWIM™ team for you!

How can I get involved?

Click HERE to contact us! We also invite you to check the schedule of open SKWIM™ times in your area and encourage you to become a member of SKWIM™ USA. This will more easily allow us to help you find or bring SKWIM™ to a pool, lake, or lagoon near you! Members of SKWIM™ USA also get discounts on official SKWIM™ equipment and merchandise.