The area’s ONLY Year-Round Competitive Swimming Program wants to GROW ! We are looking for recruits. Could swimming be YOUR sport ? Come and see us ... let's find out !
Spartan Swimming does not hold traditional try-outs. We have a place in our program for every swimmer who can safely swim 25 yards (75 feet) on their front and back. We will, however, want to evaluate the child's skill level and stamina. This evaluation will help us place the new swimmer in the proper practice group. Call to set up an appointment !
Our primary facility is the beautiful SPAR RECREATION AND AQUATIC CENTER, 933 West Parish Road, Sulphur.
Non-SPAR (Sulphur Parks And Recreation) Members will need to pay the daily pool fee in order to enter the pool area and participate in a Spartan Swimming Evaluation. Mom and Dad will also need to complete the Try-Out Packet (also, available at the front desk) prior to the evaluation. SPAR Members will need to complete this packet prior to their evaluation as well.
Swimmers should bring a regular bathing suit (no two piece suits for the girls, no jean shorts for the boys,) a towel and some swimming goggles (not a mask) if possible. Goggles will help the swimmer see where they are going and avoid bumping into the other swimmers during practice. The evaluation day lasts about 1 hour.
Spartan Swimming Coaches are fully certified professionals and also certified lifeguards! Your child will be under our direct supervision during swim team practice.
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For More Information Call or Text:
Coach Allan Andersen @ 337-513-8213 (SPAR Aquatic Center)
Coach Kent Shepherd @ 337-274-4869 (Power Centre)