The Age Group


2019 State Champion Conner Vidrine




9 years and older



The Age Group is our first group where swimmers are introduced to traditional training on a consistent and regular basis.  Novice swimmers are promoted to Age Group as the swimmer meets the outlined criteria and the coaching staff feels they are ready. The appropriate attendance recommendations must also have been met, as when the swimmers reach this level, consistency in training schedules play a major role in continued improvement.  Technique and development are still the major focuses of Age Group, with a geared emphasis toward competing on a regular basis.  The technique to training ratio for the Age Group is about 40% technique to 60% training on a daily basis.  Age Group swimmers are promoted to the Senior Group on a case-by-case basis as the coaching staff sees fit, and at the beginning of a season.



Swimmers in Age Group are expected to compete on a regular basis each season. Age Group swimmers will typically attend 1 to 2 meets per month throughout the year.

Age Group is coached by Chase Fontenot



$80 Per Month

(excluding SPAR Membership Fees)