The Senior Group


2019 Southern Zone Senior Championship, Tupelo, MS


14 to Post Graduate



The Senior Group serves as our advanced training platform for swimmers. This group serves a multitude of purposes for SPARTAN SWIMMING and is our most diverse training group.  These swimmers should have a good swimming base and knowledge of swimming technique. They generally move up from our Age Group, but may make the jump from high school swimming following the high school season in November. Our Seniors range from high schoolers in their first year of competitive swimming to National qualifiers. Because of that, the technique-to-training ratio varies depending each individual's skill and experience. 



Swimmers in the Senior Group are expected to compete on a regular basis each season.  Senior swimmers will typically attend 1 to 2 meets per month throughout the year.


Coach Allan Andersen




$100 Per Month

(excluding SPAR Membership Fees)