​(For the complete policy, please refer to the DOCS tab for the complete form)

​* All families of SLST are required to fulfill 10 hours of service per year. Effective year runs from January 1st until December 31st.

​* If a family joins after January 1st, or leaves before December 31st, service hours will be prorated 50 minutes per month.

*Please check the Events Link regularly for available volunteer opportunities  (you must first log into your account).

*Unfulfilled hours will be billed at $25/hour at the end of the year OR when you leave the swim team.

*There is NO rolling over of family service hours into a future effective year. There is NO transfer of hours from one family to another.

* 1st time non fulfillment of volunteer hours: Parent will have their membership and that of their swimmer suspended- swimmer will not be able to practice with the team, for not having hours fulfilled in a timely manner OR paying balance due for buyout at the end of the year.

* 2nd time non fulfillment of volunteer hours: termination from the swim team.

* For Parish or SLEM families only-  a maximum of 3 hours of service for volunteer work at St. Lawrence Elementary/Middle school OR the church Parish can count towards your Swim team volunteer hours, but YOU are responsible for notifying the swim team of those hours.

* SLST is not responsible for tracking down any hours worked by you for the school or the Parish, it is your responsibility to email that information to the Swim Team Manager before the end of the calendar year. (Any email received after the end of the calendar year wil not be considered usable, sorry).