SLST offers practices and groups for all ages and skill levels. The Saint Lawrence Swim Team(SLST) provides an atmosphere of training, workout ethic and mental focus that facilitates swimmers in obtaining the highest level of performance that they want to achieve for themselves and the physical and mental skills to enjoy a lifelong athletic lifestyle.

Please Click Here to send us an email request for more information, application or tryout. All swimmers are accepted on the team regardless of skill, subject to space availability, 

St. Lawrence Swim Team offers a Pre-Competive program for kids from 5-18 years old.  The Pre-competitve team are for swimmers who strong in freestyle and backstroke & want to improve breast stroke and butterfly. They will improve stroke technique in all 4 strokes. Swimmers joining these groups must be able to swim the length of the 25' pool with freestyle and backstroke, and have some knowledge of breast stroke & butterfly.

Foxtrot Group                                                                  

From the Echo Learn-To- Swim group, athletes move into this pre-competitive group. Athletes mainly focus on perfecting their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. In addition, they also begin to develop their starts, turns and underwater techniques. Competing at swim meets at this level is optional and must be approved by the Head Coach Noah. Practices are 45 minutes long three times a week.

Dolphin Group  

This fit and form class that is open to age group children who may not yet be ready for the competitive aspects of swimming but wish to stay or get in shape and learn all four strokes with perfect and proper technique. This class is also open to new members and our current Foxtrot and Bravo group levels (ONLY), for those swimmers who wish to add an additional swim day to their week, and thus continue to perfect their stroke techniques and build their confidence and abilities to facilitate an easier transition to the more challenging competitive levels.  This class is on Saturday only (once a week)  for 1 hour.

New team members will require a tryout before acceptance into this group, to ensure they 

meet the minimum requirement. Tryouts are by appointment only.