SMSC National & Senior Groups

The SMSC Senior & National Groups pursue the highest levels of the sport possible for the individual. There is a strong emphasis on being the best athlete and person you can be, pursuing college swimming and excellence in the sport.

Attendance:  100% dedication to the team and the sport of swimming is required in these groups. Actual practice schedules are determined between the athlete, parents and coach based on ability, training background and ultimate goals.

Age:  Generally, athletes must be 13 years of age and have an established training background. 

Ability:  (3) SCS Junior Olympic Time Standards preferred. On coach discretion, exceptions may be made.

Training Parameters:

  • 20 * 100 Freestyle @ 1:20 with appropriate stroke counts for the individual.
  • 5 * 200 IM @ 3:00 with approrpiate stroke counts for the individual.
  • 10 * 100 Kick @ 1:40