OnDeck, Lightning and other Emergencies

Mike Ashmore

SMSC Nation! I was just speaking to our Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary about how awesome the kids in this program have been and how supportive our parent group has been. I know we have had stops and starts, alternate pool locations, strict safety protocols and the like. Thank you for continuing to bring your kids here to be developed into National-caliber student-athletes!

As we have had to cancel practices at the last minute recently for poor pool chemicals, lighting etc., I wanted to review some "must-have" knowledge.

  1. The Coaching Staff mentality is that we NEVER cancel practice for rain and wind. 
  2. We do cancel * by law * if there is lightning. The City has a lightning detector which goes off if lightning is detected within 3-5 miles. That triggers a 30-minute waiting window and generally, we just call practice at that point instead of potentially punting every 30 minutes and wasting the day.
  3. If we do cancel a practice, the coaching staff sends an alert through the OnDeck app connected to our website.
  4. The OnDeck app sends a push notification to your phone, a text and an email - notifying you that practice has been cancelled or whatever information we are trying to send out.

If you do not have OnDeck, you will likely miss out in these situations, which means your child is standing around and the coaches are all standing around waiting for you. Let me know if I can help you download or utilize OnDeck.

Thank you once again for your support!

The SMSC Coaching Staff