Random Thoughts On Talent

Mike Ashmore

Random Thoughts On Talent

As coaches, we hear a lot about why people are successful. I usually hear some form of:

“He/she is blessed with talent.”

Or some form of that. As if it was just bestowed on some individuals and not others. Perhaps talent is only given to a select few?

We’ve seen some of the most untalented 8-under, 10-under, 11 & 12 year olds finally have the light bulb go on and become “talented.”

Random Observer: “That Susie is so talented.”

Susie’s Coach: [Under breath], “She couldn’t swim when she was 8. She cried all the time. She never wanted to go to swim meets. But something happened at 12 and she asked to move to the next group. Then she did a lot of hard work. Now, she’s ‘talented.’

I’ve seen some of the most talented individuals make Olympic Teams with their talent.

I’ve seen some of the most talented individuals never be engaged in pursuing their talent and never amount to much of anything within our sport.

So, what is talent? Some people think it means the sport comes easy.

Maybe, your talent is being a hard worker and improving until you get to the ‘big meet.’

Maybe, your talent is something else.

So, who’s talented?

I won’t tell you. I don’t know. Either we are all talented in some way or none of us are.