2021-2022 Marlin Registration

New SMST Year-Round Swimmers - You must have already tried out or communicated with the Head Coach or Director and know what group you are registering for.  If you have not done that, select this link Assessment for Sierra Marlins to be taken to the Assessment Registration and a coach will be in contact to setup an assessment.

USA Swimming Registration is required to attend the first practice.

  • The registration process will charge you for the yearly registration fee and we will take care of registering you for the season. New and returning swimmers will be charged for the 2021-2022 season.
    • If you are interested in having only a Flex USA membership (restrictions apply) then choose that option to discount to that amount. For details on the USA Flex Registration please go here and look for Flex Memberships
  • If you already have your 2021-2022 USA registration or if you are transferring from another team and have already registered with USA swimming for the 2021-2022 season please use the "Active 2022 USA membership" registration group, your registration will be validated and if not valid through 2022 then we will be in contact.


You will be charged the following when registering with the Marlins:

  • Registration fee ($175.00)
  • USA registration fee for 2021-2022 season ($89 or $20)
  • By registering for the Marlins each swimmer will receive 3 Marlin shirts, a mesh equipment bag, team suit (select the style on the final page at checkout), and a Marlin cap.
  • Registration and USA membership fees are not refundable.
  • When registering you will select a registration group and the billing method you prefer, Monthly or Trimester.
    • USA Full Membership - Use this registration group if your swimmer will have the USA Full Membership for 2022 - Most on the team will select this option
    • USA Flex Membership - Use this registration group if your swimmer will have a USA Flex Membership for 2022
      • This option limits your swimmer to 2 meets per year and no championship meet
    • Active 2022 Membership - Use this option if you already have an active USA membership for the new season (2022)
  • All registrations submitted after the first of the month will receive an invoice applied to your account to be paid at the next month billing cycle.
  • Registrations are an annual registration and we have different payment options. 
    • Monthly is paid each month over 11 months of the year (September through July)
    • Trimester is paid every 4 months (Sept, January, May)

Roster Group


11 Payments Monthly (Sept-July)



















Age Group FIt $2,423 $225 $808

Senior Fit




Pre Senior




Senior Prep $3,546 $327 $1,182





We look forward to having you join the Sierra Marlins Swim Team and are excited for another great season!