Sierra Marlins Masters

Coaches: Kathleen Kinsey and Alex Cordova

About the Program

Sierra Marlins Masters is a registered USMS (United States Masters Swimming) swim team meant for adults (18 and up) of all levels. We have members ranging from former college athletes to triathletes to brand new swimmers. Our workouts are aimed to improve fitness, relieve stress, and teach technique. Members have opportunities to compete in USMS swim meets if they choose to do so. Membership is $65 a month. An email is sent out every Sunday detailing our schedule for the week and any other information that needs to be sent to the group.

Practice Location and Schedule

We are located at the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center (formerly Folsom Aquatic Center) at Lembi Park.  The aquatic center is an olympic sized pool located at 1200 Riley St, Folsom, CA 95630. We have practice at 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. We also offer Saturday morning practices; times vary so be sure to contact a coach if you are unsure about the schedule. Email us if you have any questions regarding the practice schedule.

****COVID UPDATE**** we are currently not holding any Masters practices due to limitations within the Folsom Aquatics Center and county restrictions.  Please check back later or email Coach Shane below to advise of interest and we can get back to you when we are back in the water.

Masters practices are offered for Arden Hills members: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5am-6am with Coach Alex, Saturdays 7am-8am with Coach KK

Contact a Coach

Kathleen Kinsey: [email protected]
Alternatively, you can always show up on deck and introduce yourselves to us during practice times.

Commonly Asked Questions

See if you can find an answer to your question here, if not feel free to email one of the coaches.
  1. How do I sign up?
    1. ​Complete the Sierra Marlins Registration.  During registration you will pay for your first month membership, your USMS registration fee, and a registration fee. Once your registration is approved your USMS membership will be processed for you.  If you already have a current year USMS registration we will refund you the USMS fee of the registration.  If you have questions during the registration process you can reach out to [email protected]
  2. ​How much is it per month?
    1. ​Our Sierra Marlins Masters membership fees are $65 and are paid on the first of every month. You need to setup your auto-pay so that there is no delay in payments. ​
  3. Do I have to compete?
    1. ​Of course not.  Some of our members travel to USMS swim meets and some only want the camaraderie of a group swim environment.  We do have a number of swimmers that like to practice and sometimes compete open water.​
  4. Do I have to be fast?
    1. ​Nope. We have intervals and sets for swimmers of every level.
  5. Do I have to swim multiple strokes?
    1. ​No.  We write workouts that are sometimes IM (Individual Medley) or Stroke specific, but we are happy to modify if necessary. With that said, we will encourage and teach all 4 strokes.  Swimmers that can swim all 4 strokes usually get more out of their workouts and our goal as a Masters swim team is to help develop our athletes. If you haven’t learned a certain stroke either of us will be happy to teach you!​
  6. What if I’m a triathlete or open water swimmer and I want to focus only on freestyle?
    1. ​That won’t be a problem, we have a variety of workouts and all of them can be modified as needed. Although it is suggested that you attempt to swim a variety of strokes. Haley Anderson, the 2012 10k open water Olympic Silver Medalist, was a Sierra Marlin and still comes back and swims with the team.  She swam for USC as a distance swimmer and trained using all 4 strokes.​
  7. What if I’m training for something specific?  Can you help me with my training plan?
    1. ​We would be happy to, we love helping swimmers work towards, and eventually achieve, goals.​
  8. Do we have any volunteer requirements?
    1. ​No. Sierra Marlins Swim Team hosts a championship open water swim meet at Lake Natoma every year at the end of September, but there’s always a number of Masters out there to help.