Responsible Swimmers Declaration

At practice, as a swimmer I will:

  • Arrive on time for practice with the appropriate equipment.
  • Be considerate of other swimmers during practice, and support my teammates.
  • Show respect for my coach and the other Marlin coaches by practicing good listening and cooperative behavior. Follow all pool rules at the practice facility. Show appreciation for the facility by remembering to pick up my gear after practice, and respect the Folsom Aquatic Center staff.

At meets, as a swimmer I will:

  • Arrive on time for warm-ups and participate in warm-ups as directed by my coach. Wear a Sierra Marlin’s team approved suit and cap.
  • Wear the SMST uniform while receiving medals at championship meets.
  • Compete in all events for which I am registered unless I have communicated otherwise with my coach. Remember to speak with the coach before and after my race.
  • Eat nutritious foods and drink water to keep myself properly fueled and hydrated for the meet.
  • Participate in the SMST team cheer and support my fellow Marlin swimmers during their races when possible. Represent SMST with pride by practicing good sportsmanship and respectful behavior with other swimmers and meet officials.

MarlinPROUD MarlinStrong

Marlin Rules P​ersonal Responsibility R​espect  O​utstanding U​nderstanding D​ignity
Expected Swimmer Behavior Be present – physically and mentally Be prepared for practice each day with necessary gear Own your actions and consequences Use appropriate language and tone with everyone. (​please, thank you, etc.) Respect facilities that we are using Follow and respond appropriately to directions Read all communications from coaches and understand where you need to be and when Take an active, positive role on the pool deck and in the pool Do what is right with no expectation of recognition Be on time and ready to go Be proactive Be brave and understand that learning new skills is a process. Growth will come when out of our comfort zone Be mindful of others’ feelings, opinions and experiences Help those around you Respect yourself and believe in your growth Advocate for yourself

Practice Routine/Behavior Expectations

Getting to Practice Plan on getting to the pool deck 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. This allows you to ensure your gear is in order, stored in a location out of all walkways at the facility, and allows time to chat with teammates before the work gets started.  If you show up at the pool/gym at the start time you are late.  If you are late without prior communication, you will not be allowed in the gym/pool.
Starting Practice Be dressed and ready for dryland as appropriate and ready to be an active participant.  Show respect by quietly listening to coaches providing direction.
Dryland to Pool When needing to move from dryland to the pool you have coach defined time to get changed and out to the pool.  When coming from the gym you have 15 minutes to get to the pool and get changed.  If you cannot make this transition in this period of time you will not be allowed in the pool.
Pool When in the pool show you are PROUD by being present, following and responding appropriately to directions, being positive, believing in the work being put in to help your skills grow.
After practice Pick up all of your equipment and store out of all walkways on the pool deck.  Assist with changing lane lines/tarping. We are guests of the facilities that we use and we are not the only ones there. When we are in those facilities, we are representing the Marlins family, so be considerate at all of the facilities by helping to keep the space clean.
Outside of Pool Represent the Marlin Family with MARLIN PRIDE at all times.  This includes on Social Media, face to face, at meets, with friends. We all wear Marlin gear to school, activities, shopping, take photos that are posted to social media.  Be mindful that at all times you are a Marlin. #OnceAMarlinAlwaysAMarlin
At Meets Understand that there are lots of different age swimmers in attendance.  There can be no profane music at any time, if the music is allowed at all.  Respect the space that our team is occupying, which means that the expectation is that team area is kept neat and will be cleaned up at the conclusion of the Meet.

Consequences of not meeting these expectations

  • Step 1 Verbal Warning
  • Step 2 Asked to leave practice/meet and communication home
  • Step 3 Suspension from practice/meets until a parent meeting is held, not allowed on travel trips