Swim For Marlins 2023
Let's Reach Our Goal!
Time: 4:30 PM
EIN: 68-0032838
Folsom Aquatic Center, Folsom, CA
Kristi Ng Email
Mark your calendar! Our 2023 Swim For Marlins event will be Friday April 7th 4:30-7pm at FAC. This will replace practice for all swimmers that evening. We understand it's a tough week due to springbreak/easter. However, there aren't any other dates avail due to Marlins' packed schedule in March/April.

As you're aware, one of the requirements to be an active Marlins swimmer is to raise money for annual Swim For Marlins Fundraiser. Each swimmer is required to raise $200/swimmer or $400/family each year. The funds we raise help with the high operations cost the team incurs, helps us stay afloat and strong. Last year we raised over $50k as a team! We hope to meet or exceed that this year.

Yes, it's a requirement. However, we can still make this a fun and bonding event for the team! We will have relays, games, prizes and a taco bar for everyone to enjoy! Top 3 swimmers that raise the most money will win basket of gifts/gift cards!

Contact Kristin Ng if you have a great idea on games/relays or if you're a parent that would like to swim in the relays!

Please RSVP by March 31st via team unity event calendar. There will also be plenty of volunteer hour opportunities for this event. Use attached forms to print out and log your donations.

Swimmers can request donations from friends, relatives, and local businesses to support their goal. For those families who cannot attend, you can still participate on the fundraiser and turn in your sheets/money to coaches or myself by April 6th. Families who do not meet the annual fundraising minimum amount will be charged for the remaining amount on their SMST account.
Participants | Rank 0/233
$1,350.00 Erica Jaffe
$200.00 Tayden Cho
$200.00 Magamina Blatova
$200.00 Adaleen Cho
$100.00 Holly Karlin
Top Roster (amount)
$1,400.00 Seniors - Girls
$470.00 Explorer
$200.00 Imagination
$100.00 Integrity