Swim For Marlins 2020
Let's Reach Our Goal!
MAR 16
Time: 5:00 PM
EIN: 68-0032838
Folsom Aquatic Center, Folsom, CA
Jackie Hoppa Email
2019-2020 Swim for Marlins Details

Please join us for our annual Swim Team Fundraiser.
What is this Fundraiser All About?
All of our swimmers will come to the Folsom Aquatics Center for team bonding that will include fun group activities, swimming/relays and then we will have raffle prizes! Our swimmers will work to receive pledges/donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses. This is our team's largest fundraiser and the monies that get donated to this effort help offset the ongoing and rising costs of paying for pool lane space, equipment and other essential items that are needed to run a swim program.

The event will mix up older and younger swimmers together to help promote our team unity. More details about the event day will be posted on the even itself under Meets and Events, please make sure to declare if you are attending the event so that we can plan the right amount of fun activities and food.

How much money should we raise? Per the SMST Team Handbook each family is required to raise a minimum of $200.00/athlete or $400/maximum per family with 2 or more athletes on the team. We encourage families and athletes to raise as much as possible. Our team goal this year is to raise at least $30,000. This donation can be done by using the online donation system or by asking for offline donations that you can turn in at the event. After the event all swimmers/families that have not participated or not reached the minimum amount in the online/offline donations at the event will have the amount billed to the account to be paid during the April billing cycle. The online donation system is great for getting the word out to family and friends. If your company does a donation match, please consider matching your donation.

View the video from last year's event here: News Feed Item
Participants | Rank 0/228
$400.00 Ben Dillard
$200.00 Amber Myers
$100.00 Ayesha Tupe
$100.00 Aria Tupe
$50.00 Aidan Anderson
$50.00 Ashley Meisel
$50.00 Makenna Frederiksen
Top Roster (amount)
$600.00 Seniors - Black
$150.00 Integrity
$100.00 Seniors - Red
$85.00 Senior Fit
$50.00 Pre-Senior