Incredible Swimming at the 14/under Sierra Nevada Championships!


Congratulations to the following 36 swimmers who represented AquaSol at the Sierra Nevada Swimming 14&Under Short Course Championships:

Aidan Andrews, Isabella Andrews, Liam Andrews, Mason Buehler, Devin Churning-Sibert, Keilani Curry, Aidan Curtin, Isabella Davis, Adrian Giffin, Kristen Heller, Ethan Hirrlinger, Gabe Hudgens, Ami Levin, Mika Levin, Taylor Martin, Alex Mayfield, Ashley Michelin, Mckenna Michelin, Sophia Oliveira, Lars Osen, Ave Owens, Avery Pellicano, Cole Pratt, Keelan Ritchie, Julianna Rowe, Payton Runkle, Benjamin Sallee, Elle Sena, Katie Tadayeski, Nico Taylan, Alex Thompson, Christian Vos, Koen Vos, Analeis Vos, Austin Watts, Kendra Wieland



Our Men finished 4th, women finished 10th, and our combined team finished in 8th place. There were 25 teams attending the meet so this was quite an accomplishment! This was the largest 14/under team AquaSol has taken to this meet and the coaches were thrilled with the energy, team spirit, and performances from everyone. With over 90 best times, 63 top ten finishes, and 8 new team records we had a lot to celebrate!



Congratulations to our individual event Top 10 finalists:

Aidan Andrews – 13/14 boys 500 free (10th)

Isabella Andrews – 11/12 girls 200 IM (9th), 200 free (10th)

Devin Churning-Sibert – 13/14 boys 400 IM (5th), 1000 free (1st), 500 free (3rd), 200 fly (2nd), 100 fly (3rd), 200 free (6th)

Gabe Hudgens – 11/12 boys 100 IM (10th)

Ami Levin – 10/under girls 50 free (5th)

Avery Pellicano – 11/12 boys 100 free (5th), 100 back (5th), 500 free (1st), 200 back (4th), 1650 (1st), 200 free (2nd)

Cole Pratt – 10/under boys 200 free (9th), 500 free (7th)

Keelan Ritchie – 11/12 girls 50 fly (3rd), 100 back (7th), 1000 free (2nd), 500 free (3rd), 200 fly (6th), 50 back (6th), 200 free (5th),

Ben Sallee – 13/14 boys 1000 free (7th) 1650 free (4th)

Katie Tadayeski – 11/12 girls 400 IM (10th), 50 fly (10th), 200 fly (7th), 100 fly (7th)

Nico Taylan – 13/14 boys 200 fly (4th), 100 fly (6th)

Christian Vos – 11/12 boys 200 breast (9th)

Koen Vos – 11/12 boys 100 free (3rd), 50 fly (2nd), 100 back (6th), 200 fly (3rd), 50 back (8th), 100 fly (2nd), 50 free (4th)

Analeis Vos – 13/14 girls 100 free (1st), 100 back (3rd), 200 back (2nd), 200 IM (6th), 50 free (1st)



Congratulations to the following individual event champions

Analeis Vos – 13/14 girls 50 free (24.04), 100 free (52.60)

Avery Pellicano – 11/12 boys 500 free (5:16.85), 1650 free (18:36.70)

Devin Churning Sibert – 13/14 boys 1000 free (10:36.11)




Congratulations to those swimmers who broke AquaSol Team Records at the meet:

Analeis Vos – 13/14 girls 50 free (24.04), 100 free (52.60)

Avery Pellicano – 11/12 boys 500 free (5:16.85), 1650 free (18:36.70)

Keelan Ritchie – 11/12 girls 50 fly (28.21), 200 fly (2:24.53), 1000 free (11:40.36)



And lastly a few HUGE thank you to our parents:

            -The incredible group of parents who volunteer their time to wait in line to set up our coach tent, and team tent area. Your efforts are appreciated SO much by all.

            -Our amazing parents who all volunteered to time and filled our timing responsibilities so the coaches did not have to worry about this!

            -Mark Tadayeski who worked long hours inside the computer room as our meet admin official

            -The stroke and turn officials, both certified and training, who have made an effort to help our team make sure we meet our official quota so our swimmers can receive awards!

            -And a huge thanks for the many offers to help, bring coffee, find kids, and the countless ways all of you support the coaching staff so we can focus our energy on the swimmers!