JUNIOR 2 GROUP - Coach Brian Heise

The Junior 2 group is for beginning and intermediate swimmers ages 8-12 with a focus on learning skills in an environment that is fun and supportive.

Training Schedule: Junior A - MWF or Junior B - TThSat practice group options. MWF 4:00-5:15pm, or TTh 4:00-5:15pm, Sat 9-10:15am. 75 minute practice sessions. 15 minutes of dryland/60 minutes swimming.

Practice Location: Cameron Park CSD pool

Monthly Fee: $160/month

Attendance Requirement: There are no attendance requirements for this group. Swimmers may attend any/all practices on their designated registration days, (MWF or TThSat). 

Meet Expectations: Swimmers are encouraged to attend meets that are designated for the Junior 2 group. Meets are not mandatory for this group, but are highly encouraged when the swimmer feels comfortable.

Junior 2 group entrance expectations:

  • Ability to swim continuously 1x50 of freestyle, and 1x50 of backstroke
  • Breastroke and butterfly legal

Junior 2 group skill emphasis:

  • Proper stroke technique in all four competitive strokes
  • Introduction to proper starts and turns for all four strokes
  • Team building games and introduction to body movement in a dryland program
  • Character concepts introduced to emphasize what it means to be on a team

Junior 2 group equipment: (please visit our Team Store under for the Team Resources tab on our website to purchase equipment items specific for this group)

  • Team cap
  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle
  • Athletic clothing/shoes for dry land
  • Kickboard
  • Fins