Step 1: Set goals and keep track of what you do!

How To Enter Meets:

You will receive emails from the coaches requesting your attendance confirmation for Team scheduled meet.  You must then sign-in to your NSS account and confirm your attendance under the event tab.

Meet Schedule:

The coaching staff designs the meet schedule in order to give each level of swimmer opportunities to compete. All Northern Sierra Swimming families are expected to follow the announced meet schedule.

Travel Meets:

As your swimmer progresses there may be opportunities to participate in Travel Meets. The coaching staff selects travel meets for several reasons: give our swimmers experience competing against different competitors and at a higher quality of individual competition; seek conditions conducive to exceptional performance; experience the fun and social interactions of traveling.

Meet Procedures:

Swim meets are one of the major reasons you work so hard during practice. Swim meets are FUN and they play a large role in teaching you how to become a better swimmer. The coaching staff has established Swim Meet Procedures so that all Northern Sierra Swimming swimmers will maximize each meet experience.

Swimming is a TEAM sport. We train as a team, we compete as a team, we warm-up as a team, we sit together as a team and it is important that you represent NSS with pride and wear TEAM attire.

What to Bring:

  • Speedo Team suit, Team caps & Team Shirt
  • Goggles
  • Warm Clothes
  • Towels
  • Cash/snacks/WATER

Arrival / Warm-up:

  • Arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to your assigned warm-up time.
  • Find the check-in desk and check-in for all your events.
  • Find the NSS team area, get set up and prepare to get in the water.
  • The coaches will direct you through warm-up.

Team Meeting: 8:50AM or 10 minutes prior to session start time - All swimmers meet with the coaches in the team area.

During the Meet:

  • Before each race, check the posting for your heat and lane assignments.
  • Report to the coaches to inform them of your heat and lane and to talk about your upcoming race.
  • Do your pre-race warm-up.
  • Report to the area behind the starting blocks 3-4 heats prior to yours and be ready when your heat is called to the blocks. Always wear shoes to the blocks!



After Each Race:

  • Complete a race warm-down.
  • National & Senior = 8x50 or 4x100 HR & DPS
  • Cadet & Gold = 6x50 or 3x100 HR & DPS
  • Blue Group = 4x50
  • Race Ready = optional
  • Get dressed.
  • Come over to the coaches to review your race.

After the Last Race of the Day:

  • National & Senior = 800 choice
  • Cadet & Gold = 400 choice
  • Blue = 200 choice
  • Race Ready = optional

Other Meet Items:

  • Help clean the team area before leaving for the day.
  • If for any reason you miss an event or must leave the meet early, check in with the coaches for specific instructions.
  • No scratching of events unless first approved by the coaches. Do not ask unless you have a legitimate personal or family reason for needing to miss an event.
  • If you are spoken to by an official for any reason, including a disqualification, try to be clear as to what the official is telling you and report to your coach as soon as possible.
  • Swim FAST and have FUN!