WELCOME TO Northern Sierra Swimming

You can join the year-round team anytime throughout the year!

If you have questions regarding any of our programs, please contact Coach Daryn at [email protected]

We founded Northern Sierra Swimming in 2012 when the historic Penguin Swim Team and Bear River Swimming combined. From the beginning, our mission has been to Develop confident swimmers who strive together to excel.

Northern Sierra Swimming is a competitive swim team part of USA Swimming, the governing body of our country's most successful Olympic sport. We are very proud of our team, and we have worked hard to create a personal, positive, hard-working environment. We are confident that you will find value both in and out of the pool. 

Northern Sierra is a coach directed program.  The coaching staff has put in a tremendous amount of work to develop this program into one of the most comprehensive in the United States. Our training philosophy is based on scientific principles of maturation and development. In addition, the coaching staff is focused on developing positive character traits in young people that will lead to success in both athletics and life.

As a staff we are committed to the success and improvement of our team and each dedicated swimmer. To maintain a special environment, we need the support of every parent.  The positive influence of a swimmer's parent is essential for success. 

We know you have many choices and we want Northern Sierra Swimming to be the best choice you make in terms of committing your time, effort, and money. 


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