SNS Bylaws Approved by SNS House of Delegates on August 31, 2021 and Subsequently Approved by USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee on May 10, 2022

SNS Policy and Procedures



SNS Strategic Plan

SNS Financial Policies

SNS Board of Directors/Employee Handbook

SNS Media & Communications Policy


SNS Bylaws (Approved by SNS HOD June 26, 2019; Approved by USA Swimming, Rules & Regulations Committee October 10, 2019)


Team Travel Policy (In accordance with MAAPP Guidelines)


Proposed LSC Bylaw Changes from USA Swimming: posted 4/3/18

Proposed Template - Required LSC Bylaws

Changes to Required LSC Bylaws

FAQs to Proposed Required LSC Bylaws Template



Posted 5/23/18

SNS Bylaws Article 604 Approved at HOD Meeting 6_26_18   604 HERE


SN Bylaws (approved by USA Swimming September 2014)

SN COPPA Policy June 2015

Crisis Communication Policy (approved 9/22/15)

Rules & Regulations_Policy & Procedures (updated 5/15/17)