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Equipment Rental Contract for Sanctioned SN Meets  HERE

Equipment Rental Contract for NON SN Sanctioned Meets  HERE

Rental of SNS Timing/Starting Equipment


Sierra Nevada Swimming maintains timing/starting equipment for use by its member clubs at   SNS sanctioned swim meets . This timing equipment can also be rented by non-SNS clubs (if not needed for an SNS-sanctioned meet) using a   different fee structure.

SNS has on hand the following timing/starting equipment:

  • Four 10 lane, semi-automatic Colorado Swim 5/6 timing/starting units (+ 30 stopwatches)
  • Four single line scoreboards
  • One starting-only unit
  • Two ’3 Button’ semi-automatic finishing units
  • Twenty Colorado Time System touch pads
  • Two 10’x15’ Timing System Covers
  • Cable Support Poles
  • Halogen Lights (night or indoor meets)
  • Data Cables to link System 5/6 to Meet Manager System.

DQ Slips and Other Meet-related Forms

A packet of forms will be included with each rental. Upon return of the equipment, if the packet is returned UNOPENED the club will not be charged. If the packet is opened or not returned, the club will be charged $15.00 (taken from the rental deposit).

Requesting Equipment

In order to request equipment for your meet, please contact Mark Brown, email address above.

Each club requesting rental of the equipment is responsible for providing their own SNS-approved Colorado timing operators. SNS DOES NOT include an operator with the rental of the equipment.

Rental charges for SNS-sanctioned meets





1 Complete Unit (No Scoreboard)


Scoreboard Only (No Unit)


1 Complete Unit + Scoreboard


Starting Unit only


Touch Pads (each course)


Finishing Unit Only


Lane Covers (3 each)


Timing System Covers (2 each)


Cable Support Poles


Halogen Lights


Data Cables - Swim4000/5000 to Meet Manager




* Plus commitment from authorized person to supervise pads during use.
** One FREE with system rental during the months of November through March.

A $75.00 deposit is required on all rentals.

Per SNS policy, equipment rental is free for Jr+ meets. The $75.00 deposit is required, plus the cost of DQ Slips used.

Please send one copy of the Rental Equipment Request form along with a check made payable to ’Sierra Nevada Swimming’ for the rental and deposit to Mark Brown.

Until we receive the completed form and fees, we cannot reserve the equipment for your meet. Therefore, we recommend that you send this information at least 30 days prior to your meet. During the summer there are many weekends with multiple meets.

Picking Up the Equipment

A Week to Ten Days before the meet, please contact Mark Brown to make arrangements to pick up the equipment. Equipment pickup is generally scheduled on Monday or Tuesday the week of the meet. Equipment returns are generally scheduled for the Monday or Tuesday following the meet. The equipment is stored at:

Pleasant Grove Storage
7101 Galilee Road
Roseville, CA 95678
The storage facility is open from 6:00AM to 9:00PM, Everyday

The equipment should be picked up one/two days before the start of your meet. Only at the equipment chairman’s discretion will equipment be transferred directly from one team to another without going back to the storage locker. The equipment will fit in a small pickup, however, the scoreboard extends beyond the tailgate. Please bring rope to tie down the equipment for transport.

A ’Rental Equipment List’ is included with the equipment showing an itemized list of the equipment rented. One copy of this form will be given to the club and the other copy will be kept by the equipment chairman. This inventory list will be used to determine if all of the equipment was returned. If the inventory list doesn’t match the equipment received, please contact Mark Brown to report the discrepancy (so you won’t be charged). The ’Rental Equipment List’ also lists the contents for each container that you pickup.

If equipment is not returned, or returned damaged, then the cost to repair/replace the equipment will be taken from the deposit check. If the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit check, then the club will be billed for the excess amount (up to the amount of the deductible from our insurance).

Using the Equipment

Included with each of the timing units is an outline on the use and setup of the equipment. Please return this document with the unit.

Once you pickup the equipment, it should be stored in an air-conditioned environment. The Colorado timing unit is a computer, so please store it somewhere that doesn’t get above 80 degrees.

We provide velcro strips with each unit. These strips should be used to connect all cables above the starting blocks. DO NOT USE TAPE OR TIE STRIPS TO SECURE ANY CABLES. The tape is sticky and its likely that the cables will get damaged when the tape/tie strips are cut off. If tape is used, the club will forfeit some of its deposit because we will need to clean the cables. If the cables are cut, the club will forfeit some of the deposit (the amount depending upon the work required to fix the cut, could be up to $500 or more). Please use the velcro strips provided with the units.

Lost stop watches is the most common reason clubs are charged extra for using the equipment. The watches cost $25 each, so please have your head timer(s) keep an eye on them. As timers change throughout the meet, watches can disappear (especially after 25 yd events).

Returning the Equipment

Once the meet is over, please repack the equipment as close as possible to how it came to you. The ’Rental Equipment List’ lists the contents for each container that you picked up at the storage facility.

This will make it easier for us to inventory the equipment at the storage locker. Use the ’Rental Equipment List’ form as a guide to what equipment goes in each container.

The scoreboard should be Totally Blanked before transporting it back to the locker. In addition, the Reset Signal (Yellow Dot) should not be in the reset position before transporting. Instructions on blanking the scoreboard and not resetting the Yellow Dot are included with the Swim 4000/5000 timing units.

At the time the equipment is picked up from the locker, arrangements should be made to return the equipment to the locker. The equipment must be returned by Tuesday to allow us to properly checkout the equipment before the following weekend’s rental.

As noted earlier, only with the approval of the Equipment Chairman will the transfer of equipment directly from one club to another be allowed.