Click HERE to take the Officials Online Test


1. Create an Account and follow the directions to start.

2. Pick the test you want to take by selecting a test to start. Click on Select  A Test and drag your mouse until the test you want is highlighted.

3. You now have 2 choices: Clicking on “Next” or “Print Blank Version of Test” If you print the test, you will get an icon on your computer screen and that will be the PDF
version of your test. In order to get back to the page to start the test, you will have to click on “Return to Test Sign-up.” If you clicked “Next,” you will see the first
question to your test. If you don’t have time to finish the whole test, one question at a time, make sure you click on “Save and Restart Later.” The web site will remember
which test you have chosen only if you have clicked on “Save and Restart Later”.

4. Click Logoff at the top of the web page, if you want to take the test off line first.

5. Take the test off line at your leisure by using the printed version of your test.

6. When you are ready to fill-in the blanks, go back on-line:

  • Sign in and then go to the Start an Online Test page. This is your personal page listing the tests you have taken or signed up to take. What you are looking for is the Prior Test List
  • Click on “Resume.” You will notice the time and date when the test was saved. You will also see places to click, such as Resume, Delete, Print Blank Test or Print Answer Sheet.
  • Put your correct answers to the test that was saved. You might want to check and make sure the answers are in the order that they are listed on your printed test. If you didn’t save and restart later correctly, the questions will be in the same order, but the multiple choice answers and the technical reference answers might be scrambled. Double check your choices.
  • When you have double checked your answers, Submit.

7. Remember: Haste makes waste or Measure twice and cut once. Once you have submitted your answers, it is too late for changes.

8. You will get immediate results as well as me, the LSC Officials’ Chairperson.

9. Click Logoff at the top of the web page when you are finished.