1.TTST Financial Policies

Registration Fee

There is an annual $175 registration fee for each TTST swimmers. All new and returning swimmers will be assessed the registration fee above on the date that they join or re-join TTST.  Registration fees are good from when you register until the August break annually.

The head coach will maintain USA Swimming registration for all team members.  Most of our annual registration fee goes to USA Swimming registration costs.  Because of this requirement from USA Swimming, we do not pro-rate registration fees later in the annual swimming year.  The swimming year is September 1st – August 31st.  Early season is fall, mid-season is winter to early spring, and late season is spring to summer.   

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues are assessed in a graduated fee structure depending on training group assignment.  Fees increase as swimmers advance and require more pool coaching time.  Families pay dues monthly during the swim season through our team website www.truckeeswim.com account.  Monthly dues can be set to auto charge on the 1st of every month.

Development level train Monday to Thursday 2 x weekly.

10 Under Novice:  $155 per swimmer per month (2 x weekly for 45 minutes per session)

10 Under Regional: $175 per swimmer per month (2 x weekly for 1hr per session)

11 Over Novice-Regional:  $175 per swimmer per month (2 x weekly for 1hr per session)

Competitive levels train Monday to Friday 5 x weekly, Monday to Friday.

Pre-Senior:  $240 per swimmer per month (1.5hr water time per session)

Senior:  $295 per swimmer per month (2hr water time per session)

National:  $295 per swimmer per month (2hr water time per session)

*Training days and times are approximate and are subject to change at the discretion of the head coach.  Monthly dues are designed to meet a sustainable operation cost.  Dues are not pro-rated or considered by day / session.  Financial reports are presented during monthly meetings held by the TTST Board of Directors.  Open session meetings are open to membership.  If you are interested in listening in on a meeting, please email [email protected] that you will be attending the meeting. 

Sibling Discounts

Families with more than one swimmer will receive a 10% discount on the less expensive swimmer(s).

Leave of Absence

If you want a month or months off dues simply email Cyrus [email protected] that you will be on leave before the 1st of the month the leave will begin.  Your status will be changed to free leave.

Departing Members

Tell the Cyrus by email [email protected] that you will be ending your registration with TTST before the 1st of the month.  Cyrus will cancel your membership with the team, and you will not receive any more communication.  Please be aware that leave of absence keeps your registration active and departing ends your membership.    

Visiting Swimmers

Out of town vacation swimmers may swim with the team while they are here.  They can pay monthly dues or have it prorated weekly for the period of their stay.  These visitors must pay in full up to monthly rate while in Tahoe/Truckee.  All out of town swimmers must show proof of current USA Swimming membership. Out of town swimmers can swim up to 2 weeks in a calendar year on a complimentary basis.  If they want to swim longer than 2 weeks, they need to become a member of TTST and adhere to TTST annual fee and rules. Exceptions to this rule will be evaluated by the TTST Head Coach based on availability in a given swim group. All out of town swimmers must sign and agree to TTST’s codes of conduct.

Returning TTST Swimmers from College

Any returning TTST swimmer from college will need to complete a registration form and show proof that their USA swimming dues are current to be eligible to swim with the team.  Returning College swimmers will be charged a flat fee of $335 for the summer season.

Any returning swimmers aged 18 and older are required to take the USA Swim MAAPP online training class.


Any swimmer who is unable to participate in swim training due to a medically documented injury or illness will have the opportunity to temporarily suspend his/her membership. All requests for suspension due to illness or injury will be reviewed and approved by the head coach.

TTST Payment Policy

Prompt payment of fees and dues is essential for TTST to meet its financial obligations. Members who are delinquent (30 days or more) in paying dues may suspended from practice and/or meet participation until the account is brought current. Your total amount billed by month may vary. Monthly charges include dues for all participating swimmers, swim meets, and team travel fees. 


Fundraising is especially important to meet the financial obligations of our team and keep monthly dues down.  Fundraising is automatically included in our monthly dues structure.  If any member account raises at or more than $150 annually during our 3 fundraising events, then that member will receive exactly $150 team credit for each qualifying swimmer on their account.  If you feel you have raised at least $150 for fundraising and haven’t seen the credit on your team account, please email [email protected] for help getting the credit.   The 3 annual fundraising events to raise money for the team are:

  • Fall Fun Fast 50's

  • December Give Back Tahoe

  • Raffel at June 2023 Beat The Freeze Meet