Safety Action Plan

Facility Emergency-

-Assess Situation

    If life threatening clear the building

    Call 911 if necessary

    Direct swimmers to safety

    Call Recreation Manager for the City of Vacaville 707-449-5657 to notify of emergency

    Notify Lifeguard on deck

    Fill out appropriate reports

    Notify Board President

    Hold a staff briefing

Weather Emergency-

-Coach will alert swimmers to Weather Emergency

    Clear the pool and direct swimmers to team room

    Call 911 if necessary

    Call Recreation Management if further assistance is needed 707-449-5657

    Notify Board President

    Fill out appropriate reports

    Staff Briefing


Fire and Chemical Emergency


-Coach will alert swimmers to Fire or Chemical Emergency

Chemical         Fire

Direct Swimmers to grass         Evacuate Swimmers to grass         

directly outside of facility directly outside of facility


    Confirm Emergency


Alarm Confirmed                False Alarm

Evacuate Facility                Resume activity

Call 911 if appropriate

Call Recreation Manager

Notify Head Guard


Fill out appropriate reports

Notify Board President 

Notify Head Coach

Staff Briefing

Emergency Incident

Assess the Incident

Safe             Not Safe

Listen to Patron             Call 911

Deal with their problem or concern            Notify Recreation Manager

Offer a solution             Get swimmers to safety

Fill out appropriate reports

Notify Board President and Head Coach

Staff Briefing

Drowning Emergency

Assess the scene

Secure additional assistance


     Coach enters the water 


Distressed     Drowning     Bystanders – Call 9-1-1

Swimmer    Swimmer

             Meet Ambulance

Assist to Safety  Appropriate

  Rescue and Tow     Provide any additional assistance as directed by Coach

First Aid     CPR and First Aid

EMS – Victim to hospital


Notify Head Coach and Recreation Management 

Fill out appropriate reports

Notify Board President

Staff briefing and follow up counseling

9-1-1 C A L L E X A M P L E

1. DIAL “911”.

2. Read the following message:There is an emergency at the Walter Graham Facility located at 1100 Alamo Dr. Vacaville Ca. 95687.

3.Explain emergency to the best of your ability

4.Remain on the phone

5.Fill out appropriate paperwork

6.Notify Board President and Head Coach

7.Notify Recreation Management