USA Swimming Registration


All Waves swimmers must be registered with USA swimming. Use these step-by-step directions on registering and renewing swimmers for USA swimming. Registration is good for one calendar year, from January through December.


USA Swimming Registration In addition to our monthly dues, every swimmer must be registered with USA Swimming, our governing body. This is an annual fee that must be renewed every year. The fee is currently $93.75 and must be the PREMIUM level insurance. Your registration will be good from September 1st, to December 31st, the following year.

To easily register with USA Swimming, please visit HOW TO REGISTER FOR USA SWIMMING: **PLEASE do not attempt to register from your phone or tablet. You will not be able to search/enter in the club code properly.

Step 1 – Go to If you have an account with Swim Smarter, please skip to Step 3.

Step 2 – Sign-up for an account with Swim Smarter- It's free! Swim Smarter will be used to register/renew USAS registration and manage all swim meets for most of the meets that our team will attend. Therefore, an account will be useful. 1. Click “Sign-Up for a UserID” 2. Fill in the information and click “Register.” 3. You’ll receive an e-mail verification from Swim-Smarter, and will need to activate your account in order to log in to the website.

Step 3 – Go to You’ll notice a box that says, “Sierra Nevada (SN) Area Swimmers and Parents.” Select the green tab in that box labeled “Register for USA Swimming Season.”

   1. Click “Register for USA Swimming Season”

   2. Log in to your account using your User ID and password.

     a. If your swimmer is currently with Vacaville or was with us before, or swam with another USAS team, search for your swimmer in the search box.

        i. If your swimmer is listed, select your swimmer using the + button on the right-side of the row displaying your swimmer’s name and information. Your swimmer will now appear in the “Registration List” on the right side of your screen. You may add more than one swimmer to your “Registration Lis

        ii. Once your swimmer(s) have been added to the “Registration List,” select “Pay for Swimmer(s). iii. Select “Membership Type” as “PREMIUM $93.75 ” and choose method of payment.

   b. If your swimmer is new to the team or has not swam for another USAS team, select the “+Create New Swimmer” box and add new swimmer Information on the next page completely. What you submit now will be how USA Swimming will recognize your swimmer for his/her swimming career. The Registration Category will be “Premium,” and is $93.75. For CLUB CODE, enter SN-VACA

Step 4 – You are finished with the USA Swimming registration process! You will receive a confirmation email and the 14-character USA/USS ID number will be on the receipt. Please forward a copy of your receipt to the team at [email protected]

Meet Registration Fees There is a swim meet competition fee that is not part of the monthly training fees. Fees are charged per event by the team hosting the meet when entries are submitted. In addition, swimmers are also charged a splash fee for the event. These fees can range from $20-$90.