Vacaville Swim Club Drop Off and Pick Up Policy


The Employees and Board of Directors at Vacaville Swim Club strive to keep everyone safe; especially our age group athletes. In our efforts to make sure we meet this goal we are asking you to help us to ensure that our Club and pool continues to be a safe and happy place to be.  To that end, please pay special attention to the following drop off and pick up procedures below:




As a general practice, coaches will be present at the pool approximately 15 minutes prior to the athlete(s)’ practice time each day.  However, DO NOT drop your athlete(s) off at the pool if there is not a coach present at that time.  Understand, you assume FULL responsibility of your athlete(s)’ safety and well-being if you drop them off unsupervised.


Vacaville Swim Club, its employees, and volunteers will not be held liable for your athlete(s)’ safety if you leave them in an unsupervised situation.


The coaches will inform the athletes and parents of any changes to the practice schedule via email.  The athletes and parents are responsible for checking their emails frequently for any changes to the practice schedule.  Our practice times can vary throughout the year so do not assume that one day is the same as the next.


As a general rule, if a coach is not there…






We expect parents/guardians to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the end of practice to pick up their athlete(s); and no later than 15 minutes of the conclusion of practice.  If the parent/guardian arrives later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of practice, they will be required to enter the swim facility to pick up their athlete(s).


We expect athletes that are being picked up to remain inside the pool complex until they confirm their ride has arrived.  If your athlete(s) leave(s) the complex on their own behalf before their ride has arrived, Vacaville Swim Club, its employees, and volunteers will not be held liable for your athlete(s)’ safety.


Because the coaches or lifeguards will wait until all athletes are gone for the day/evening from our sight, we ask that you be prompt in picking up your athlete(s).  The parent/guardian and their athlete(s) are to arrange transportation home from practice and club events.  If your athlete(s) leave(s) on their own behalf and uses a source of transportation that you do not approve of, please hold your athlete(s) responsible. 


Please sign and return confirming you have received this information, read its contents, reviewed it with your swimmer(s), and agree to comply, to the best of your ability, with the procedures set forth above:



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