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VSC Head Coach: Marla Moreno

Email: [email protected]  


Coach Marla has had a very good relationship with the water in its myriad forms: ocean, river, lake, pool, snow, and ice since she was a child.  She jumped off the high dive at 2.5 years old and began competitive swimming at age 11. She swam as an age grouper, was an all American in both high school and College, swam master’s sporadically and competitively in her 30’s and 40’s and at one point received a master’s top time status. To this day she is not sure what that meant. Top ten thousand or top 100? She never asked. Coach Marla began open water swimming in her early 40’s, really enjoyed it and is not opposed to doing that again.

She worked as a lifeguard in her teens, taught swim lessons for all ages, was the waterfront director at a summer camp in the arroyo seco river gorge on the back side of the Los Padres national forest in her early twenties, managed the Summer Swim program for the Carmel Unified School District at the Carmel Valley Pool a couple of years later, and began coaching swimming officially in her twenties. She was the sprint coach for US team Lake Jackson Aquatic Club (LJAC) in Lake Jackson Texas, the head coach for Clute Area swim team (CAST)  in Texas, the head coach for the Pittsfield, Polar Bears US team in MA and Head coach at Elk Grove High School for the past two years.  

She attended Brooklands College in Weybridge, England, UCLA and UC Davis where she studied philosophy and Art. She graduated with a BS in Art from UC Davis, and  later attended the University of Oregon doing post bac research. She then earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Northwest Christian University in 2008 (renamed Bushnell in 2020) .  Coach Marla lived in Oregon for approximately 20 years where she raised her children and worked as a group work counselor for Lane County Youth Services, for almost 14 years,  a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist at CHOICES in Eugene and Later at New Springs Counseling Near Portland for almost 10 years,until her vitamin D levels were so completely depleted, she decided to move home to California and revive in the Sunshine. 

She can surf, belly board, ice skate, ski, (downhill and telemark), water ski, skin dive, snowshoe, knee board and skim board. She is also a certified Level II sailor (or was in the stone age). Coach Marla loves the water, and she enjoys teaching youth. She especially enjoys coaching youth to achieve their individual and collective competitive swimming goals; including assisting them toward swimming in college, and to enjoy the water, their relationship with it, themselves, and their teammates.  Coach Marla identifies the discipline, goal setting, peer support, system navigation, friendship development, skills and personal growth that come through swimming on a team often overflows into other domains in life in deep and positive ways.  She is very happy to be coaching a US team again, and as she writes this profile in the third person, she wants to communicate that she feels purpose and meaning in coaching. She observes, feels, and experiences the VSC team members as a notably special, hardworking, enthusiastic, positive, and coachable collective.   She recalls a relatable quote by Joseph Campbell (the 20th century Mythologist and professor at Sarah Lawrence University) who said “People are not so much looking for the meaning of life as they are the experience of being alive. “Coach Marla agrees, knowing how much swimming and being a member of THIS swim team offers an amazing opportunity to feel just that “ALIVE “  

John Pavia Age Group Coach


Coach John has been swimming since he was 6 years old. After a few summers on the Summer Swim Team, he swam for the Vacaville Swim Club from 2003 until he graduated from Will C. Wood in 2012 where he also swam on the high school swim team. John started off coaching the summer swim team and the team’s Novice Group, now known as the Green Group, from 2010-2013. John worked mostly with 6-12-year-old swimmers in these groups. John also worked as a lifeguard with the city from 2011-2013 and taught water aerobics and swim lessons for age groups ranging from 6 months old to adult classes.


After high school, John attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and earned a degree in Biological Sciences in 2016. John went on to work overseas with the USO to help serve military servicemembers while deployed. He moved back to Vacaville in early 2020 and is extremely excited to now be coaching the Green Group!

Jamie Fussell Masters Coach

Coach Jamie has been swimming since the age of 9.  She started her swimming career with the summer program through the City of Vacaville with Coach Nick Lillard as her very first swimming instructor.  She joined the Waves age group in 2005 when she decided to give the Vacaville High School swim team a try.  After graduating from high school in 2009, Jamie became a Masters swimmer and has been with the team ever since.  After earning a degree in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from UC Davis, Jamie joined the Waves coaching staff taking over the Red and White groups.  A short while later she was offered a full time position with Solano County as a Park Ranger Assistant.  She was sad to leave the Red and White groups, but remained a part of the coaching staff in taking over the Saturday morning Masters group.


You can find Coach Jamie on the pool deck almost every Saturday morning, rain or shine.  She is an avid Masters swimmer and enjoys open water events most of all.  In her spare time Jamie can be found running her three dogs (Sadie, Wrangler, and Boston) or working outdoors.

Becky Craig Board President
Erin Cook Board Vice President
Heidi Mueller Treasurer
Brittany Pasco Financial Secretary
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Shawnee Releford Secretary
Mark Frazier Masters Representative
Stephanie Woleslagle
Age Group Representative
Ralph Lightfoot Age Group Representative
Andrew Cano Age Group Representative