Short Course JOs 2017

Day One of JO's
Holy Vaca! Day one of JO's went as planned. The kids did what was expected of them: executed each swim, new personal bests, and overall fast swims!

Emily Mueller: dropped 5 seconds in her 400 IM and placed 11th overall. Her new time in the 400 IM is 5:12. She was first alternate and came back to finals hoping for a second swim. She dropped a few tenths giving her a best time of 31.5 in her 50 fly. Great tempo but was breathing pretty freely.

Alex Bulris: Went into to finals for the 400 IM seeded sixth and remained in that place after finals, but dropped 3 seconds from her morning swim in prelims. In her 200 breast, she dropped almost a second. In finals, it wasn't the swim we were looking for but her technique was much better and she placed 5th overall.

Will Bulris: gained a new best time in his 100 free, 1:00.35, dropping a little over a second and a half. His 200 breast in prelims was a little shakey and was not the swim we wanted, but we managed to sneak into finals! Was placed 10 th going into finals, but not only did he drop to 9th but also dropped half a second from his best time! Way to redeem himself!

Kenz Wehunt: her best time going into the 100 free was 1:00.00 exactly (who does that?) but she finally broke a minute today but .62! Yay! Kenz sat on her time in the 100 back. Her turns were a little off, but from flag to flag she looked strong.

Rachel Lin: she wanted to go 58 seconds in her 100 free. I told her you can go better so I have high expectations in. And guess what?! She went a 57.5! Woohoo!

Raven Heurtelou: strong swim in her 100 free although she was breathing quite liberally. Raven dropped a few tenths in her 100 back earning a new time of 1:06.33.

Emma Gioia: in her 100 free she had a great first 50 going 28.1, but went out a little too fast. She ended up sitting on her time, but holy cow! If she split with her first 50 time what an incredible drop that would've been! Great swim though, see looked strong. In her 50 fly, this was just the time drop and swim we needed! Amazing tempo and great breathing pattern. She dropped a little over a second, gaining a new time of 30.6! Last but not least, she swam the 1000 free. She clinched a 7th place overall ranking for the 11-12 girls in this event!

Tatiana Zagata: she had a great swim, her 3rd 50 was her strongest and fastest of all the 50's in her 200 free! She sat on her time, but awesome swim nonetheless. Tati dropped almost two seconds in her 50 back gaining a new time of 38.63! Way to go girl!

Amelia Doran: she swam the 200 free and it really wasn't the swim we were looking for... But she totally turned it around in her 100 breast! Although she sat on her time it was a very strong performance.

Rylie Johnson: the first 100 of her 200 free was solid, but the back half you could tell she was a but tired. She ended up sitting on her time.

Maya Gioia: dropped half a second on her 200 free giving her a new best time of 2:42.9!

Richard Lin: awesome swim and performance from Richard! He dropped 2 abd a half seconds giving him a new personal best of 2:39 in his 200 free. Richard sat on his best time in the 50 back.

Ava Bautista: Holy Toledo! We dropped over a second in the 100 fly, getting a new time of 1:15.14. This was a good enough time for her to qualify for finals! In finals, she came in 6th place and almost another second achieving a new time of 1:14.3! Nice! In prelims, she swam the 50 back and dropped almost second although she ran into the lane line. Giving her another second swim in finals. In finals, she dropped half a second, new time 32.75, and placed second over for the 10 and under girls! And she didn't run into the lane line this time.

Daniel Mueller: dropped a little under three seconds in his 100 fly! Good enough to clinch a finals spot! He dropped a few tenths and also dropped in ranking from 10th to 9th place! New time=1:20.67. Daniel dropped a few tenths in the 100 breast placing him 11th and 1st alternate. He was really hoping for a second swim. He was also placed 12th overall in the 50 back.

Elaina Craig: a second drop in her 100 back! Excellent underwaters and fast breakouts! What coach wouldn't love to see that?!

Tiare Holokahi: dropped a few tenths in her 100 back giving her a new time of 1:13.3. We are aiming to go under 1:10 pne of these days.

Sam Harris: she had an awesome from flag to flag, but the turns were little difficult for her. With that set back, she still earned a half second dropped and gained a new personal best of 39 seconds!

Isabelle Ormonde: dropped over a three seconds off her best time, new time 36.5, and was placed 11th overall in the 50 back. She was in the hunt for a second swim in finals hoping that someone would scratch.

Johanna Cheek: had a strong performance in her 200 breast! But had a best time in the 400 IM relay. She did the freestyle leg of the race!

Saya Spells: dropped almost 4 seconds in her 200 breaststroke! She also swam the 1000 free, I earned 9th place overall fir the 11-12 girls!

We also had two 11-12 girls relays representing our team for the 400 IM relay! There were 20 relays, our A relay (Tiare, Emily, Alex and Emma) placed 7th overall while our B relay (Elaina, Camille, Saya, and Johnna) placed 12th overall. Sweet!

What an amazing first day gang!!!