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White Water Aquatics is a premier aquatics club in the Sacramento region of Northern California. Established in 2020, White Water Aquatics is a program built on positive energy towards the progression of the student-athlete. Through swimming, the club provides members with the coaching and resources that assist in each athletes’ growth and development, and the motivation to accomplish their goals. We want to build the student-athletes to BE FAST! BE POWERFUL!


To develop and prepare student-athletes for the future through aquatics.


[ THE WWA B.A.S.I.C.S. ]
Balance : Having a balance in life is the key to most things. Taking in the good with the bad. For all the hard work, there must come some fun. Finding balance is the understanding of co-existing with each other like the ying and the yang. Finding a Balance should be used in all aspects of life. For example; being a student - athlete, what you eat balanced with excercise. Even balancing the time for both friends and family. Balance is a key to not overusing or overdoing one thing.

Attitude : Attitude might be the most important key to the BASICS. Above anything else, it influences the mind which will motivate the body. Training the brain to have a positive perspective develops an optimistic outlook on how to problem solve. A lot of how we think and act are a direct result of our attitudes. It influences our decision making and our emotions. When confronted with a task, our attitudes goes either towards two ways - negative or positive. Both are highly contagious but are all predicated on our perspective and how we view something. Postive to Productive. Negative to Neglective. Your Attitude, Your Decisions, Your Life.

Sacrifice : The hardest part of acheiving a goal is knowing what to skip out on or give up in order to achieve. Learning to sacrifice something for what you want rather than making what you want your sacrifice. Sometimes the things you need aren't neccessarily the things you want, and sacrificing that greed will only direct you towards your goals. Sometimes the hardest sacrifices can lead to becoming the biggest successes. Sacrifice is a part of life, not something to be regretted.

Intelligence : Your actions are the real measures of your intelligence. Making decisions with critical and logical thinking is better than where your emotions will take you. Making critical and logical decisions over emotional decisions tend to have better results because when emotions go up, logical thinking goes down. Intelligence comes with the wanting of learning, then learning how to apply. Intelligence isnt always about getting good test scores and grades, but with the understanding of how the handle a task at hand.

Challenge : Compete with the person you were the day before. Challenging yourself and others to progress only raises the standard of yourself and everyone involved. There is a never ending evolvement for improvemnt if we go out and seek it. Finding out how comfortable you can be with being uncomfortable can lead to seeing what you can overcome and become. Every day is a challenge to get better. When days are going your way and well, compete with yourself to see how great you can be that day. When things aren't going your way, challenge yourself to take the L's from Losing moments and turn them into the L's of Learned Lessons.

Simplicity : Keeping it Simple. There is no need to complicate things when the basics work. Trying to take on too mch or do too much usually leads to unwarranted stress and regret. It's usually when things get too complex is when there is a loss in sight of what the foundation was. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication because it isn't about it's bareness but rather the acheivement of maximum effects with minimum means. There is excellence in simplicity.



USA Swimming is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States from beginners to the Olympic level. All WWA swimmers must become members of USA swimming in order to participate in practices and meets. USA swimming has administrative oversight for the entire nation, which is divided into 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs). Generally a single LSC governs a single state, but some states have more than one LSC due to their size. USA Swimming is a non-profit organization funded through dues collected from individual swimmers and teams, grants from the United States Olympic Committee, corporate sponsorship, and income earned from events, promotions and merchandise. Meets are sanctioned by USA Swimming through our LSC, Sierra Nevada Swimming, Inc., so that the meets are run according to standardized procedures and the swimmer’s times will count for State, Sectional, Zone and National quaification. USA Swimming is responsible for selecting the athletes that will represent the United States in all international competitions.

- SIERRA NEVADA SWIMMING : SNS is a non-profit corporation and the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) to which White Water Aquatics belongs. SNS has local jurisdiction for USA Swimming within the counties of Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Lassen, Plumas, Glenn, Butte, Sierra, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada, Placer, Yolo, Amador, and the portions of: El Dorado County west of Highway 89; Stanislaus and Calaveras Counties north of Highway 4; San Joaquin County north and east of Highway 4, Highway 99, Eight Mile Road, Interstate 5 and Highway 12, excluding the City of Stockton; Sacramento County north of Highway 12; and Solano County north of Highway 12, including the communities of Fairfield, Suisun City and Rio Vista, and excluding the communities of Benicia and Vallejo; and the Nevada Counties of Humboldt, Mineral, Churchill, Pershing and Lander, and the portion of Washoe County lying north of the northerly boundary of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. SNS is a volunteer-run organization with its own set of by-laws and a separate House of Delegates responsible for managing the business affairs of SNS. Representatives to the House of Delegates are composed of athletes, coaches, members of the Board of Directors, and club members. Besides assuring that meets are run according to USA Swimming and SNS protocols, SNS provides training to parent volunteers through its clinics program. SNS holds state championship meets at the conclusion of the short and long course seasons and sponsors teams to swim at the Western Zone Championships.

Frequently Asked Questions


-  Is White Water Aquatics a Non - Profit Organization?

Yes, WWA operates under a 501 c-3  Non - Profit  Organization [ P.A.C. ]

-  What is White Water Aquatics?

WWA is primarily a Year Round Swimming Team. We will host various clinics, camps, and lessons that provide knowledge about the sport and it's fundamentals. 

-  What will I need when I sign up and register for White Water Aquatics?

After you register a new swimmer to the Year Round swimming club, the athletes and parents must go over and sign the team's policy packet. For equipment, new swimmers will need Goggles, Fins, Water Bottle, and Snorkel (Senior Group Only). Registration Fees will include a team's t-shirt and a pair of team caps.

-  Will White Water Aquatics be a Traveling team?

Yes! WWA will attend all travel meets that swimmers qualified to swim at. The team believes in seeing the highest competition to elevate our level. Traveling will only get WWA the exposure to the best that is out there and allow our athletes to see the world of swimming.

-  For your Masters Team, do you plan on attending meets? 

Yes! As we build the Masters Team and build the interest, WWA would like to establish a team that would travel to Masters Meets.

-  Will White Water Aquatics be doing any community outreach?

Yes! WWA fully plans on creating a community outreach team that allows our athletes to help out our communities. WWA wants to be more than just a local swimming team from the Placer County area - the team wants to be an organization that gives back.

-  Does White Water Aquatics accept and work with Water Polo players?

Yes! WWA wants and invites all water polo players to join the team through the Water Polo registration. We will provide an opportunity to Water Polo Players to condition as well as learn fundamental stroke technique in order to become better Aquatic Athletes.