USA Swimming Registration and Membership
3 Options

  1. Sign up and Pay through Swim-Smarter - Parent Account Responsible for this yearly
  2. Sign up and Pay via Check to Sierra Nevada Registrar - Parent Account Responsible for this yearly
  3. Have your Team Unify WAC Account Register your athletes directly with USA Registration and Pay through your Team Unify Account

Definitions and Costs
Updated (2021/2022)  


  • This registration expires Dec 31, 2022
  • Compete in all swim meets, including Zone, Sectional and National.


  • Same as Premium, above
  • Requires PROOF of eligibility for low-cost program


  • Flex registration expires Dec 31, 2022
  • Compete in up to TWO sanctioned meets. 
  • No LSC Championship, Zone, Sectional or National meets.
  • May be upgraded to Premium membership.

Individual Season

  • Valid starting TODAY
  • Only valid 150 Days
  • Not valid for Zone, Sectional and National meets.


USA Registration Costs 2021/2022

Option USA Fee LSC Fee Total Fee
Athlete Premium $66.00 $23.00 $89.00
 Athlete Outreach $5.00 $2.00 $7.00
Athlete Season 1 $30.00 $17.00 $47.00
Athlete Season 2 $30.00 $17.00 $47.00
Athlete Individual Season $30.00 $17.00 $47.00
Athlete Flex $10.00 $10.00 $20.00
Individual $66.00 $6.00 $72.00
Club $70.00 $30.00 $100.00
Flex Upgrade $66.00 $13.00 $79.00












Option 1 and Option 2

Registration and Renewal at

Each Wolverine family account is responsible for creating, registering, renewing and paying for their swimmers membership in USA Swimming Membership. USA Swimming Registration is good for one calendar year and must be renewed each year by December 31 for the following year.  USA Registration is a simple on-line process at . USA Swimming Registration is not the same as Team Unify or Wolverine Registration.


USA Swimming Membership must be valid to remain in good standing with Sierra Nevada Swimming before participation in any sanctioned swim meet or penelties will be applied to the team and account holders. 

There are multiple levels of membership; for year round swimmers the annual Premium Membership is recommended.

To pay online visit there is a small additional fee for credit card charges. Your USA Registration will be processed immediately, and you will have the ability to review your personal information.

  • Premium Membership: Recommended for all Year-Round swimmers 
  • Flex Membership: Recommended for our seasonal program swimmers  
    • With FLEX however, swimmers may only compete in 2 swim meets per registration year.   
      • You may upgrade to Premium Membership at any time, applying the Flex Membership fee toward the upgraded membership at


STEPS:  To renew your athlete’s USA Swimming Membership:

  1. Sign-up with Swim Smarter at with email, password & UserID, select Register.  If you are renewing membership, you most likely already have an account from a prior year renewal.
    1. Select "Forgot User Name/Password" if you can not log in to avoid duplicating your account.
  2. Click on Register for USA Swimming Season using the User Name & Password you just set-up
  3. You can search for your swimmer via Last Name.  
    1. Please do not "Create a New Swimmer" if renewing your membership as it will cause a duplication.
  4. After locating your swimmer, look in the 3rd column for the expiration date on the USA Swimming Membership.  If it is expired or due to expire, please click on the ‘shopping cart’ image to add them to the registration list on the right side. You may add siblings at this point as well.
  5. After selecting the swimmer(s), click on Pay for Swimmers.
  6. Verify the Membership Type selected is Premium for year-round swimmers. Year-round swimmers should select the Premium Membership.  If your a new swimmer to the program or just joining in Fall you may want to select the Flex membership. Review all membership options for your best choice.
  7. Select whether you would like to pay via credit card or check. You must put a check mark in the box that says 'I understand that all sales are final and no refunds will be given' and the selection of either Pay by Check or Pay by Credit Card option will become available to you.  
  8. If paying by credit card, after payment is instantly processed and you will be able to view your personal information from previous registration.
  9. If paying with check, you will need to enter your personal information and please remember to print & mail your receipt along with payment to:
                                Sierra Nevada Registrar
                                6721 5th Street
                                Rio Linda, CA 95673

Please this must be completed prior to your swimmer participating in practice and swim meets with USA Swimming and Wolverine Aquatics Club (WAC). 

Have your Team Unify WAC Account Register your athlete (members) directly with USA Registration and Pay through your Team Unify Account. This option requires that the account have a Credit Card on file and that the Account Profile be up to date and accurate. The fees are the same with an additional small surcharge added for the processing fee (roughly $2.00). 
The Parent account is responsible for the USA Registration Fee, SurCharge (~$2.00), and making sure their Profile information for each athlete Member is accurate. It is important not to have multiple athlete Memberships for the same athlete, this will cause duplicate billings and USA Registration Errors. 
During the Months between November and December the Year Round Athletes (Athlete Premium) will be configured and processed for the upcomming year. FLEX and other USA Registration Options will be processed primarily when new membership begins or the seasonal periods. It is up to the parent account to identify within their profile their choice for USA Registration. If no options are set by the parent the default Athlete Premium option will be selected and configured. This is to protect the Athelete and the Team from penalties and disqualifications during the seasons.