USA Swimming Registration has changed

WAC does not provide USA Swim Registration Support
The below guide is a reference per my (WAC TU Admin) experience only. It does not represent every type of account or combination of Coach/Official/Parent/Other with an Athlete. I am a Non-Athlete Parent with Premium Athlete child, the instructions below are the steps I took to get registered.  


Date:9/7/2022 12:30 PM Pacific

USA Swimming Registration has changed it's processes and web site as of 9/1/2022.  In order to make it an easy transition to the new USA ID there are steps YOU must follow and YOU MUST FOLLOW THEM IN THE PROPER ORDER.  DO NOT SKIP STEPS.  WAC is only trying to help you get through the process, we have NO ability to fix your USA ID issues. 


Step 1

Each person (Parent, Athlete, Official, Coach, Assistant Coach etc. will need to have a NEW USA ID.  The older version will not transfer or translate.  PARENTS MUST CREATE THEIR LOGON FIRST


Complete the online form,  this will ONLY CREATE a USA SWIM LOGON ID.   You will get an email to validate your email first, then after you validate you will get another email with your new ID, KEEP the ID Available. 

Step 2

LSC:   Sierra Nevada Swimming (SN)
Club:   Wolverine Aquatics (WAC)


If the above doesn't match - DO NOT MOVE FORWARD, you will register to a different team. Work with USA Swim Support to resolve. 

Out-Reach Qualifiers only URL:  https://omr.usaswimming.org/omr/welcome/270282BE8FAE47

Step 3 (Who is the membership for?)

  • Select which account to renew first (Parents, if you are an Coach or Official, or have some reason to Register with USA Swimming then select your account first) and complete the registration and payment. 
  • Parents, if you are selecting for your child, select:
    • "The membership is for someone other than the logged-in user"
    • Complete the registration and payment process
      • Select YES if they have EVER been registered with USA SWIM (Including the OLD ID)  
      • Select NO if they NEVER had a USA ID
    • ​Enter information to Search for your athlete (First, Last, Birthdate)  Select only your athlete when found. 
      • ​Complete Member Page, Emergency Contact Page,  Select membership type, (note your current expiration)

Once you are done, logon to USA Swim (Your Parent ID) and you should see your child (children) in the My Family section.  At some point, WAC will be able to update our WAC TU Site with the matching USA Swim information and the USA Registration will be properly displayed. THIS MAY TAKE WEEKS.  As long as you have a USA SWIM ID (Valid) then you can participate in Practice and Swim Events. If you do not have a valid ID - please work with the Coaching Staff to resolve options for your particular issue. 



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Last updated: 9/7/2022 12:30PM