Go to OME Swim Connection and register your swimmer with a new account.  Click here for directions on registering a new swimmer with OME. Make sure to remember the user name and password; this is the website that you will use to sign up for all meets throughout the year. When you register you will be asked to indicate which meets you would like to be shown. In the drop down menu select Sierra Nevada Swimming.


Once your swimmer is registered with OME, they are ready to sign up for meets. 

  • From the "Enter Meets" tab find the meet the team is going to under Upcoming Meets. If the meet status is open, click on that meet.
  • Click on the "Online Meet Entry" box.
  • To the right of your swimmer's name click on the "Enter" box.
  • Either click on the "Get All Best Times" box or click on each individual "Best" box next to the events your swimmer would like to swim. (If this is your swimmer's first USA swim meet, or if they have only swum short course and this is a long course meet or they are swimming an event for the first time, ask their coach for help with entry times).
  • Click the "Save" box at the bottom left.
  • Click on the "Go to Payment Page" box above your swimmer's name and their events.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete payment.


Signing up for your 1st meet can be tricky for new those who are new to the process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your swimmer's coach if you have questions. Common questions for new swimmers include which events should they sign up for and what are appropriate times to enter. Your coach can help you with this. 

Once your swimmer is registered for the meet you will recieve an email a confirmation e mail from OME.  

Before the meet, download the Meet Mobile app onto your mobile device.  There is a small 7 dollar yearly fee for the app and is money well spent.  The app will display heat and lane information and race results on the day of the event.