Parent Participation


WST is a non-profit, parent run organization that relies upon participation from its members to ensure our swimmers have a great experience. Our team is not successful without parent participation from all members.

We require parent participation at our swim meets, team activities and fundraising activities throughout the year. We also have opportunities for parents to participate as a board member and USA Swimming Officials.


Event Volunteer Requirements

WST organizes a number of activities each year to help foster an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for our families. These activities are not possible without the efforts and hard work of our WST parents. Each WST family is asked to assist in the following ways to ensure the athletes  have the best team experience. If you have an idea for a fun team event or have a special talent that can assist in our fundraising efforts, do not hesitate to talk with a board member or coach.  We would love to hear your ideas. 


WST Hosted Swim Meets

WST hosts three to four swim meets each year. Hosting swim meets is part of our responsibility as a USA Swim Team member to support the sport and provide diverse venues for our swimmers to compete. In addition, these meets are a substantial portion of our fundraising efforts. These fundraisers are what keep are monthly dues reasonable. These meets are run soley on the backs of volunteers; from the WST parents who plan and run the meet, to the officials who work the day of the meet. 


Away Meets

Teams are required to provide timers to ensure a smooth and well-run meet. The number of timers each team must provide is based upon the number of swimmers each team enters into the meet. Each family who enters a swimmer into a meet should expect to time at least one timing shift over the course of the meet.  You are expected to work the entire shift and not leave until relieved by your replacement. 


USA Swimming Officials

Each team attending a meet is expected to provide USA Swimming Officials based on the number of swimmers it brings to the meet. Parents who are active, certified USA Swimming Officials are exempt from all timing shifts at meets in which they are officiating. We are ALWAYS in the need of USA Swimming Officials. It is a great way to learn about the sport, meet new people and occupy yur time during a meet. If you are interested in becoming certified as a USA Swimming Official, please email [email protected] for information or talk to our three wonderful officials that are currently with the team; Ann Brunson, Kenji Kitada and Jill Terry. You can find out more information about becoming an official on the Sierrra Nevada swimming website as well.


Board Members

A board of directors, made up of parents and coaches, manages WST. Please reference the Board Member Positions & for a list of positions. The WST website has a list of current Board Members and Officials. We are always looking for volunteers on our board! Our team is not a success without your help.