Steps to Joining the Woodland Swim Team

1. Contact the WST Head Coach David Karacozoff by email to set up a tryout for your swimmer.  Coach David will have the swimmer come to the pool and evaluate their stroke in order to determine which swim group would be the best fit for your swimmer. Once you have met with Coach David you may proceed to step two.

2. Register your athlete for the Woodland Swim Team. Click the Register Now button below. Scroll to the bottom and hit the green tab that says "Continue or Check Status". Follow the directions to signing up your swimmer.  Make sure you read and understand everything that is presented to you.  When joining the team you are agreeing to adhere to certain policies including following COVID procedures and fullfilling volunteer hours.  Don't worry, it is all worth it!

3. After registering your athlete with the Woodland Swim Team, you must also register your swimmer with USA Swimming through Swim Smarter.  This is an important step that you can not put off until later.  Your athlete may not begin practice until this step is completed.   When you set up a Swim Smarter account you will indicate whether you would like your athlete ot have a Premium Membership ($89 a year) or a Flex Membership ($20 a year)A premium membership allows a swimmer to compete in an unlimited number of meets throughout a competition year while a Flex Membership only allows for an athlete to compete in two meets per year.  If you are uncertain which to sign up for please note,  a Flex Membership can be upgraded at any time throughout the year. 

4. Set up an account with the Woodland Swim Team and remember your password.  You will visit the Woodland Swim Team home page often while your athlete is on the team.  Make sure when creating your account with the team, you provide an email address that you use regularly.  WST sends out weekly communications to families with important team information. 

5. Download the OnDeck app onto your mobile device.

5. Like our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Head Coach David or our team registrar at any time with questions during the registration process.  They are always happy to help.

Welcome to the WST family!



New Swimmers Cost to Join WST



Registration Fee for WST

USA Swimming Fee


WST Monthly Dues

1st time Fee for Joining WST

Jr. Frog



1 time fee for first time swimmers

$20 Flex 

(2 meets per year)


$ 89 Premium 

(unlimited meets)

Jr. Frog $55

Flex $125

Premium $194

Water Frog

Water Frog $95

Flex $165

Premium $234


White $105

Flex $175

Premium $294


Green $120

Flex $190

Premium $259


Junior $125

(allows up to 5 practices a week)

Flex $195

Premium $264


Senior $140

Flex $280

Premium $279