South San Francisco Meet Jan 14 & 15 Rocked!

SOLO Aquatics

The South San Francosco Meet Jan 14 & 15 was a blast!

It was great to be swimming indoors, while the rain kept going like crazy.

The meet did fill fast so we were only able to get a small number of swimmers entered.

But for those that swam we had some great experiences learning along the way and lots of smiles!

Here are the swimmers that crushed the following races:

Katherine A  BT 50 bk & br, 100 fr

Jordan J  BT 100 bk, br & fr

Adrian K  BT 200 fr SBT 200 bk

Julia M BT 100 bk

Simone BT  200 IM & 100 fly

Matthew P  BT 100 fly &  bk, 200 bk

Harper W  BT 200 fr & 50 fr, 100 br & fr

Katie Z  BT 25 bk & br