Racers Practice Days Changing

SOLO Aquatics

Spring is coming and its time to get swimming!

The winter break ends on Monday Jan 30th.

Returning swimmers please let Coach Tom know with an email: [email protected]

1) The days you WERE signed up.

2) The best practice option 4:55-5:30 for your child:

    A) Tues., Thurs., Friday

    B) Mon., Wed., Friday 

I will do my best to change the days around.

However if you were signed up for Tues & Thurs and Friday does not work, I will move those swimmers first.

We were able to line up additional coaches for the whole group practice.

This was on Mondays and will now move to Fridays!

The goal is to provide the best experience for the children, by having the practices split a couple times a week.

But have a team experience in coming together.

Thanks for your support!