How do I know if my child needs learn-to-swim classes?
Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths among children under the age of 18 - swimming is a sport that can save your child's life.

What ages can sign up for lesson?
Group lessons (up to four students) are available for students 5-years-old and older. Semi-private (two students) and private lessons are available for students 3-years-old and older. Students less than 3-years-old will be referred to an ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) instructor. 

What is your definition of "learning-to-swim"?
A child who can swim 100 yards of freestyle, three other competitive strokes, two life saving strokes and is comfortable in the water in most conditions is a child that can swim and be ready to graduate from SPA SwimAmerica.

How long will it take to my child to learn to swim?
This depends on several things, such as your child's age, pool experience, comfort level in the water, listening skills, enthusiasm and level of fitness. It may take 30 or more lessons for a pre-school child to learn the basics skills of floating, kicking, returning to the wall and learning how to get a breath. Everyone learns at a different rate and your child will progress through the program at their own speed.

What do we need to bring to class?
Please have your child come to class already wearing their swim suit and pool shoes. Swimsuits should be snug fitting and quick drying. We encourage students to wear training suits which are designed to shed water and make swimming easier. Many "fashion suits" for girls or baggy shorts for boys retain water, and actually feel very heavy in the water, making it harder to learn. We encourage caps for children with long hair and goggles to help protect their eyes from the chlorine. You will also need to bring a towel so that your child can dry-off immediately after swim class.

What is your Instructor to Student Ratio and class size?
To ensure the most ideal teaching conditions, we maintain an instructor to student ratio of no more than 1:4.

What is your cost?
SPA SwimAmerica classes cost $18.00 per class charged on a monthly basis for group lessons. Private lessons are $45.00 per lesson, and semi-private lessons are $25.00 per lesson. Your account will be set up on auto-payment and ocntinue to be deducted on the 1st of the month until you decide to stop. Cancellations must be submitted via email to [email protected] before the 15th of the month prior to the 1st of the month you want to stop your classes with out termination form. Every swimmer will be charged a $55.00 annual registration fee.

What is your makeup policy?
Students register for classes which meet on specific days and times. Unless SPA SwimAmerica cancels a class due to hazardous conditions (weather, pool issues, etc) attendance in scheduled classes is the resonsibility of the participants. We do NOT provide refunds, make-up classes, or allow the participant to attend a different class due to personal schedule conflicts or illness.

How do I withdraw my swimmer from the program?
We accept withdrawals on a monthly basis. We require you to submit a withdrawal request via email before the 15th of the month prior to the 1st of the month that you would like to withdraw your child from classes. For example, if you wish to stop your child's swim classes for the month of August, we will need to have the withdrawal request submitted not later than July 15th. Please email [email protected] with your request.